There are always new apps and websites that are the trend of the moment. Social media platform TikTok is one of them. This app is the place to share short videos of yourself, preferably with good music and a few dances. But who has the most followers on TikTok? You can read about it in this top 10 of the most popular TikTokers.

10. The Rock – 73 million followers on TikTok


Flew all night long just to walk thru the door in time for breakfast and “daddy curls” at 7am 😂💪🏾👧🏽 Been working all night zombie hours 🧟‍♂️⏰ for weeks with little sleep, but man I walk thru that door and these little tornados instantly give me fuel. That’s the power (and mana) of our babies. Enjoy your weekend, my friends.

♬ Sweet Pea – Amos Lee

The list of the most popular TikTokers is not filled with celebrities like other social media lists. On TikTok, it’s the unknowns who go viral. But there are a few exceptions, and The Rock (@therock) is one of them. It’s also hard not to love this giant!

9. Will Smith – 74 million followers


Time for a little light reading. Preorder it in my bio! ##WillTheBook ##BookTok

♬ original sound – Will Smith

TikTok is not the platform of famous celebrities, but an exception is made for Will Smith. More than 72 million people follow “The Fresh Prince of Bell Air”.

8. Burak Özdemir – 75 million followers

@cznburak ??? #cznburak #tiktok ♬ Haleti Ruhiyem – Arabesk Remixci

Burak Özdemir (@cznburak) is a chef and owner of several restaurants in Turkey. Preparing Turkish recipes in a funny way has made him a big star on TikTok and Instagram.

7. Zach King – 80 million followers


I’m blown away by how many of you have watched and supported my #magic videos this year on TikTok! Love all of you, see you in 2020! #newyear

♬ original sound – zachking

Zach King was first active on Vine for a long time: the platform where you could share six-second comedic videos. When that app ceased to exist, it was time for Zach to switch to TikTok. Here too, he quickly gained many followers. He posts videos where he performs absurd and amazing magic tricks.

6. Kimberly Loaiza – 80 million


¿Tienes? ?

♬ sonido original – ROI SASTRE

Mexican Kimberly Loaiza started her social media career in 2016 on YouTube. In 2020, she released her own single “Don’t Be Jealous”, a song with now 230 million views on YouTube. She is now a rising star on TikTok and has been in this top 10 of the most popular TikTokers in the world since 2022.

5. Addison Rae – 89 million followers on Tiktok



♬ Chosen – Mutiny Squad

Addison Rae started on TikTok in 2019, and her dance videos quickly went viral. Forbes named her the highest-paid TikToker of all in 2020. In 2021, she released her own single “Obsessed” and managed to land an acting role in the movie “He’s All That”, available on Netflix.

4. Mr. Beast – 89 million followers on TikTok

@mrbeast I should do more challenges like these 😳Use TurboTax to file your taxes, it’s fast and easy 🙂 @turbotax #TurboTaxPartner #TurboTax #racetotherefund ♬ original sound – MrBeast

Mr. Beast has recently become the most popular YouTuber and has been making big leaps in the list of most popular TikTokers since 2023. Whether you post your shorts on YouTube or TikTok, it doesn’t matter, Mr. Beast’s videos are eagerly consumed everywhere!

3. Bella Poarch – 93 million


The wind pushed me??

♬ original sound – Big Revo

Bella Poarch holds the record for the TikTok video with the most likes of all time, in which she lip-syncs the song “Soph Aspin Send” by British rapper Millie B. She also released her own single “Build a Bitch” in 2021.

2. Charli D’Amelio – 152 million followers



♬ Cannibal – Ke$ha

It didn’t take long for Charli D’Amelio to reach the top of TikTok. She had only had an account for a few months and immediately garnered millions of fans. Her specialty is making short dance videos where she creates fun and challenging routines. Then her dances are copied thousands of times by other TikTokers. One thing is for sure: when she dances to your music, it becomes a hit. Less than a year ago when we first made this list, she had 24 million followers, now she has 149 million.

1. Khabane Lame – 162 million followers


??I will say Hi??‍♂️to my community under comments?? and Thanks for the 115mln @tiktok loveU❤️##learnfromkhaby ##learnwithtiktok ##imparacontiktok

♬ suono originale – Khabane lame

The Senegalese Khabane Lame has only been active on TikTok since 2020 and became the most popular TikToker in 2023. After he was laid off during the coronavirus crisis, he began posting videos in which he ridiculed “life hack” videos. He does it much simpler and without saying anything.

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