The hype around artificial intelligence has reached a new level, with technologies like MidJourney and DALL-E capable of creating virtual models. These AI-generated models are not only visually stunning, but they have also become true influencers in the fashion and marketing industries. These 10 AI models have millions of followers on Instagram.

1. Aitana López

Aitana López, a 25-year-old virtual influencer from Barcelona, Aitana López is the first Spanish AI model, created by Rubén Cruz from The Clueless agency. Developed in response to the challenges faced by brands during the global pandemic, Aitana, also known as Fit Aitana, has amassed over 200,000 followers on Instagram and earns more than $10,000 monthly. With her pink hair and striking appearance, she offers a risk-free and cost-effective alternative to traditional models and influencers, quickly becoming an influential figure in the digital marketing world.

2. Miquela Sousa – 2.7 miljoen volgers

Known as @lilmiquela, Miquela Sousa is a virtual sensation from the United States. This Brazilian-American digital influencer has built an impressive presence with 2.8 million followers on Instagram. Miquela is known for her collaborations with high-end brands like Gucci and Prada, even taking over Prada’s Instagram page during Milan Fashion Week. Her influence extends to a young, English-speaking audience, making her one of the most sought-after virtual figures in the fashion industry.

3. Shudu Gram- 240 duizend volgers

Shudu, the world’s first black virtual supermodel, Shudu is a creation of fashion photographer Cameron-James Wilson. With 241k followers on Instagram, Shudu has secured a strong position in the fashion industry. Her collaborations with luxury brands like Karl Lagerfeld and Louis Vuitton underscore her status as a fashion icon.

4. Noonoouri – miljoen volgers

Noonoouri is a German virtual influencer represented by IMG Models, Noonoouri has collaborated with renowned fashion houses such as Versace and Balenciaga. Her content focuses on digital haute couture, NFTs, and the metaverse, making her an engaging figure in both the fashion and technology worlds.

5. Code Miko – miljoen volgers

Code Miko is a streamer and YouTuber of South Korean-American descent, Code Miko is known for her live streams on Twitch, alternating between her human and avatar forms. Her technical skills and creative content have earned her 121k followers on Instagram, primarily attracting a male audience, making her an interesting option for technology companies and fashion brands experimenting with new technologies like the metaverse.

6. Imma

Imma is standout AI-created model from Japan, Imma is known for her signature pink bob hairstyle. With 399k followers, Imma has made a significant impact in the fashion industry, collaborating with brands like Nike and Valentino. Her passion for fashion, art, and Japanese culture makes her an icon for a broad, international audience.

7. Rozy.gram

Another AI model making waves in the fashion industry, Rozy is popular with Gen Z and known for her stunning expressions and poses that align perfectly with various concepts. Rozy’s activities include participating in virtual fashion shows and releasing music tracks.

8. Leya Love

Presenting herself as the “love ambassador for Planet Earth,” Leya Love is an AI model with a mission. With 398k followers on Instagram, she advocates for climate activism, mental health, and animal welfare. Leya’s commitment to sustainability and her creative expressions make her appealing to brands focusing on sustainability.

9. Kyra

India’s first virtual influencer, created in 2022, Kyra brings a fresh perspective to the digital fashion industry. With 252.3k followers on Instagram, this AI-created model shares her love for yoga and travel. Kyra’s posts about self-improvement and adventures resonate especially with a male audience in India.

10. Maya

Maya is an AI model with a distinctive approach, engaging her audience with unique content and perspectives.

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