For red lights and associated “activities” in the brothels, you do not have to limit yourself to the Amsterdam Red Light District. “Cheating” can be done literally anywhere in the world, from Africa to America. Would you like to take a peek with us?

10. Wan Chai, Hong Kong, China

No, Wan Chai is not only visited by shoppers and enthusiasts of culinary highlights. During the day this metropolitan area looks like a weekday metropolis, but at night it’s a bustling nightlife with a large sex industry. In Hong Kong, prostitution itself is not illegal. Organized prostitution is. So be careful where and how you get a massage!

9. Zona Norte, Tijuana, Mexico

Zona Norte, the mecca of North America, has a lot to offer for everybody looking for a little some some. This red-light district is best known for its strip clubs and bars aka brothels. Street prostitution is also flourishing. A shag with a prostitute is completely legal by the way. So don’t hold back!

8. Reeperbahn, Hamburg, Germany


This red-light district in Hamburg does not only have sex workers. You can also visit the Erotic Art Museum . Prostitution as an art. In this long street full of clubs, cafés, discos, tipple and window prostitution.

7. Schipperskwartier, Antwerp, Belgium


Schipperskwartier is a pretty neighborhood in Antwerp. The girls of pleasure have undergone a transformation since the tolerance policy of the city administration. A whole complex was even converted into a sex stamp. The exotic-sounding Villa Tinto is definitely worth a visit!

6. Geylang and Orchard Towers, Singapore

Two for the price of one! In Singapore you can first and foremost opt for Geylang, a neighborhood with a characteristic appearance and many narrow alleys full of brothels. The contrast with Orchard is huge. You will mainly find new construction there, such as the Orchard Towers, an 18-storey office building. Not a brothel, but a place where customers can pick up their date and take it to a hotel.

5. Kabukicho, Tokyo, Japan

Kabukicho (1)
Luciano Mortula – LGM /

This neighborhood in Shinjuku is considered a playground for adults. A world of entertainment awaits you in the many hostess clubs, topless bars and love hotels. The otherwise so primordial conservative Japan is emancipated in terms of eroticism than whoever . Officially, prostitution is prohibited there, but the agents are turning a blind eye to the sex industry, which is generating a huge profit.

4. Sonagachi, Calcutta, India

The economy in this neighborhood in the north of poor Calcutta is based on prostitutes. The oldest profession in the world – prohibited by law in India – is eagerly practiced there. Prostitution in India is much larger and more organized than in many other places, with an abundance of brothels of all types and sex workers of all ages and from all over India.

3. Pigalle, Paris, France

pigalle  red light district paris
Alexander Tolstykh /

A la française? Place Pigalle – a square at the foot of Montmartre – is the backdrop for the many erotic clubs in the area, including the world-famous Moulin Rouge. Paris is known as the city of love and you can safely interpret that largely as paid love. You do not have to visit Paris specifically to place a love lock on the Pont des Arts. This is no longer allowed. You can see and experience the forbidden love much better in one of the many cabarets.

2. Patpong, Bangkok, Thailand

Patpong (1)
Christopher PB /

The world-famous Patpong simply exudes prostitution and was made immortal by James Bond himself. Whether it’s out of lust or out of curiosity, you must have seen this. Open prostitution is prohibited here. Don’t call a lady a whore, but an entertainment employee. No shortage of entertainment. An evening in Patpong guarantees a happy ending. 

1. De Wallen, Amsterdam, Netherlands


Here you can take “red light” literally. They are dazzling, the many windows, brothels, sex clubs and coffee shops. Moreover, with the reflection of red neon lighting on Amsterdam’s canal water, this is Amsterdam’s most popular open-air attraction and the most visited neighborhood.

John, hailing from the bustling streets of London, is an avid movie buff and comic book enthusiast. With a keen eye for cinematic detail and a deep appreciation for the art of storytelling,

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