In recent years, the demand for car rental services has been growing steadily. Renting a car is a smart way to solve many everyday and organisational problems. In addition, the lack of ownership of a car removes a significant burden of problems from the driver.

Often, people who travel to another country on vacation or for work resort to rental services. For example, the rental car market is very well developed in the UAE, because this country receives both a huge number of tourists and business people. Rental companies offer their clients cars of various brands and classes, according to their needs. Thus, if you prefer time-tested brands, then renting a BMW Dubai will be an excellent option. The rental procedure has its own subtleties. That is why, when searching for a suitable car to rent, you need to correctly formulate your request, for example, rent a car without deposit near me, so that the conditions that are important to you are met.

1. Read The Contract Carefully

The agreement specifies the main details of the lease:

  • rental period;

  • place, time of delivery and return of the car;
  • tariff and cost of the entire period of car rental and additional services.

Pay attention to the responsibilities and rights of the tenant specified in the contract. They are worth studying carefully.

2. Discuss All Additional Conditions

Sometimes renting a car means blocking a certain amount on your credit card until the end of the rental period as a guarantee. Be sure to clarify under what conditions the rental company can use this money and the period for lifting the block.

3. Check Mileage Limits

Rental companies quite often limit mileage. But, as a rule, these restrictions are not burdensome, and for normal driving in the city and suburbs, the allocated mileage is quite enough.

But some rental companies may severely limit the number of kilometres you can drive per day or over the entire rental period. And every kilometre over will cost separate money.

4. Read The Reviews

It is helpful to read reviews of the rental company you are considering using. They will tell you how good or bad things are in the company, and whether there is poor customer service

But still approach this matter with a grain of salt, do not forget that people often like to scold rather than praise. For example, by not carefully reading the rental agreement, clients may accuse the rental company of poor service. Of course, you shouldn’t take such reviews into account.

5. Car Inspection Before Renting

Always inspect your vehicle carefully before you drive it under any circumstances. Particular attention should be paid to the condition of the body and glass parts of the car. Point out every dent and scratch to the manager who delivers it to you and ask him to write it down in the vehicle acceptance certificate.

You need to inspect the interior very carefully. Maximum attention should be paid to the following points:

  • integrity of the gearbox housing;

  • integrity of the upholstery;

  • correct operation of power windows, air conditioning, etc.

It is also important to check the completeness of the car. The car must have a spare wheel, a jack, a first aid kit, a fire extinguisher, and a hazard warning sign.

After a visual examination, you need to ask the manager to start the car. The engine should run smoothly.

6. Check The Insurance Features

Car rental services always offer insured vehicles for rent. As a rule, insurance is provided in case of damage, car theft, as well as for the life and health of the driver and passengers. In such a situation, if an insured event occurs, you will not have to contribute additional funds in addition to the rent.

Photo by Vlad Deep on Unsplash

7. Be Careful When Driving

Car rental implies careful handling of the rented vehicle. When driving, try not to fall out of the general flow, observing the established speed limit. Stay in the centre of your lane, stay focused in traffic jams, and remember to use sound and light signals to make your behaviour more predictable for other road users.

8. Stay Calm In Case Of An Accident

The car rental service gives its users freedom of movement, but imposes a certain amount of responsibility on them, and therefore some drivers may experience stress when driving a rented car. If your vehicle is involved in an accident, act in accordance with local laws, rental conditions and insurance. Immediately notify the rental company about the incident. In this case, calling the police is mandatory. Try to record the damage to the car using your mobile phone’s camera.

9. Record The Act Of Returning The Rental Car

At the end of the rental period, when handing over the car to the rental company, obtain the signature of the responsible person on the documents that confirm the integrity and safety of the vehicle.

10. Save All Documents

For at least a month, keep all policies, receipts, contracts and checks that were issued to you when registering the lease.


Renting a car abroad gives you many advantages and freedom. This is a modern way out of situations when you do not have your own vehicle or cannot take it with you. However, when contacting a rental agency, you need to remember important nuances, as well as be careful.

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