Man’s best friend has taken many forms thanks to an army of dog-loving animators, but who is the ultimate? We count down the top 10 for you here.

10. Odie

For the dog lover, this slobbering, silly mutt is the real star of The Garfield Show. His innocent escapades and frequent falls from the table at the hands of grumpy protagonist Garfield make him the dopey underdog we all love to root for.

9. Pluto

This iconic Disney dog has been a big part our collective consciousness since 1930! As one of the ‘Sensational Six’, Pluto is one of the biggest Disney stars, endearing us all to him with his cheerful nature.

8. Astro Jetson

Astro showed us how dogs will be in the future! As Elroy Jetson’s best buddy, he reassured us that our canine friends will be with us throughout the passage of time.

7. Lady and the Tramp

These two star-crossed lovers count as one entry, because we just couldn’t bear to break them apart! The blossoming romance between classy spaniel Lady and stray mutt Tramp is timeless, and their adorable story somehow managed to turn slurpy spaghetti and meatballs into a classic meal choice for romantic encounters.

6. Santa’s Little Helper

When Homer and Bart Simpson welcomed this sad little fellow into their home, we welcomed into our hearts. Abandoned by his owner for losing a greyhound race, The Simpsons gave him a second chance at life, and his subsequent escapades have entertained generations. His soulful eyes and lifelike bark remind us of our real four-legged friends.

5. Charlie B. Barkin

In All Dogs Go To Heaven, our canine protagonist is Charlie B. Barkin, a German Shepherd whose journey from bad to good is a heartwarming lesson for us all.

4. Brian Griffin

So beloved is this Family Guy main character that when he was killed off in the show, viewers protested until he was reinstated. This anthropomorphic character is a crucial part of the Griffin family, and his unending quest to be viewed as an intellectual is regularly thwarted.

3. Droopy Dog

This unassuming hound has been impressing us since 1943 with his ability to outdo his enemies, in spite of his sullen demeanour. His deadpan delivery of his famous line, “You know what? That makes me mad,” never fails to delight.

2. Scooby Doo

Scooby Doo, along with his best friend Shaggy and the rest of their gang, deserves his spot in this list for his contribution to crime fighting! In the Magical Mystery Bus, the gang played detective, and while Scooby thought he was brave, his cries of “ruh roh!” told us otherwise!

1. Snoopy

The ultimate animated dog is of course Snoopy. Snoopy’s escapades in his own mind as everything from a pelican to a pilot have inspired generations of children and adults alike to indulge their own daydreams. He’s always loyal to Charlie Brown, and really, loyalty is why we invest so much love in our canine companions.

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