We all know that Italy is a beautiful holiday destination. Italy has a delicious cuisine, beautiful beaches and a rich and interesting history and culture. Combine these aspects with the relaxed island life and you will understand why we like to spend our holidays on an Italian island! That is why we have collected our top 10 most beautiful islands in Italy in this article, so that you can choose your favorite destination.

10. Filicudi


Filicudi is a small island and has only 300 inhabitants, but it is really beautiful to see. The coastline is mainly surrounded by high cliffs and there is only one beach that is accessible, making this island seem rather untouched and therefore especially popular with hikers and nature lovers. So walk down one of the 22 trails and discover the pure and breathtaking landscape that Filicudi has to offer.

9. Ponza



Ponza is the largest island of the Pontine Islands archipelago in the Tyrrhenian Sea, off the coast of Lazio. Ponza is particularly popular with the rich, so you will encounter many beautiful yachts and beautiful hotels. This island is only much cheaper than Capri, so ideal for those who want a little luxury but don’t want to pay too much.

8. Elba



Elba may be best known because the French emperor Napoleon Bonaparte was exiled here in 1814, but the history of this island actually goes back much further. Archaeological excavations have also been found on Elba that date from the Etruscan era and the Roman period (seventh to fifth century BC). These finds can now be admired in a number of museums on Elba, such as the Museo Archeologico della Linguella and Museo Civico Archeologico. You can also undertake a variety of sporty outdoor activities on this island, such as mountain biking, diving, hiking and golf.

7. Lampedusa


Lampedusa is closer to the African continent (138 km) than to Italy (225 km) and therefore has some influences in the flora and fauna that originate from Africa. Take the Algerian Psammodromus, for example: an hourglass that can only be found in Africa, can also be admired in Lampedusa. Furthermore, Lampedusa also has beautiful white beaches with clear blue water, making it a popular destination for scuba divers.

6. Lipari



Lipari is the largest island of the Aeolian Islands Group and offers a good combination of culture and nature. During the day, beach lovers can relax in the sand or relax in the hot springs and in the evening you can go into the city center, where it is bursting with nice bars in cozy streets.

5. Procida



Not far from the coast at Naplesis Procida. The nearby islands of Capri and Ischia are much more touristy and busier, but here in Procida you can still really taste that authentic Italian atmosphere as you walk past the colorful fishermen’s houses in the harbor of Marina Corricella. At one of the coffee shops, have a nice espresso and a “Lingua”, a pastry filled with lemon flavored cream, a real local specialty!

4. Ischia



Ischia is the ultimate island to relax during your vacation. On this volcanic island you can take all kinds of volcanic mud treatments and relax in the hot springs and thermal baths. But Ischia has even more fun to offer, because, for example, take a wine tour through the island. Ischia has a long history of wine and the ancient Romans even gave this island the name “Enaria”, which means “Land of wine”. Bianco Spumante, Ischia Rosso and Biancolella are well-known wines from Ischia, so be sure to take a bottle home too!

3. Capri


Capri is the ideal island for the luxury horses among us and that is not surprising: along the rocky hills are elegant villas, while in the deep blue sea you can see the most beautiful yachts sailing. Walk up the steps of La Scala Fenicia for stunning views of both the island and the sea. Capri also has a picturesque old town full of nice shops and restaurants, where you can stroll around for hours. Do not forget to drink a Limoncello liqueur, because this delicious drink made from lemons from the region is a true delicacy!

2. Sardinia


Sardinia has beautiful beaches with powdery sand and clear turquoise-blue water, so beach lovers can indulge themselves here. Culture lovers will also have a good time in Sardinia, because the ancient Roman and Phoenician ruins on this island are very special to see. Sardinia is also perfect for foodies, because here you can really feast on the Sardinian wines and fresh fish and seafood that you can order everywhere.

1. Sicily

siciliy mount etna



Sicily is a versatile island to go on holiday, because in addition to nice cities and villages with fascinating buildings, monuments and architecture, you can also hang out endlessly on one of the many beaches in Sicily. Sicily is the largest island in the Mediterranean and has a long and interesting history. Remains of stone utensils that are two million years old have been found on this island! Sicily also has a beautiful landscape and breathtaking nature such as the volcano Etna, which is quite prominent in the otherwise relatively flat landscape.

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