These days, most people seem to be obsessed with fitting into society and trying to look and act the same as everyone else. However, there are some people who are born different and seem to stand out from the crowd no matter what they do. Let’s take a look at the interesting phenomenon of people who are born with extra body parts.

10. Lakshmi Tatma – four arsm and four legs

This Indian girl was born in an Indian village in the Bihar region and was graced with a total of four arms and four legs. This came about because her twin was conjoined in the womb and its head and torso atrophied.

9. Kang Kang – Boy with two faces

Humans With Two Faces | Extra Body Parts

Being two faced is not just a saying, it can actually be a real occurrence as Kang Kang proves. This baby was born with one face sitting on top of the other and it is perhaps one of the most shocking cases of extra body parts as it is extremely visible.

8. Didier Montalvo – Boy with a turtle shell

Turtle Boy A BodyShock Special - Channel 4

Skin moles are nothing new, but the mole on the back of Didier Montalvo was so large that it resembled a turtle shell. This boy was born in Colombo in Sri Lanka in 2006 and many of the other people living in the small city refused to interact with the boy or his family because they believed that he had been cursed by evil spirits. Fortunately, a few years ago Didier Montalvo was flown to the United Kingdom for surgery so that he would have a better chance of living a happy and healthy life.

7. Ganga and Jamuna Mondal – Spider Girls

Conjoined Sisters Find Love With The Same Man

These Indian twins are conjoined at the waist and are also known as the Spider Girls. They were born in 1969 and found employment working for India’s Dreamland Circus, where their act mainly involves sitting on a chair so that people can view their unusual body form. Fortunately for Ganga and Jamuna Mondal their deformity has never held them back and they even found love with the same man, who also works as a circus performer.

6. Honghong – boy with 15 fingers and 16 toes

Parents hoping for help after their son is born with 15 fingers and 16 toes

This is perhaps one of the most recent examples of extra body parts as baby Honghong was born in China in May of 2016. He has a condition known as polydactyly where being born with extra fingers and toes is the common result and he has a total of 31 digits.

5. Frank Lentini – The Great Lentini

Three Legs, Four Feet, And Sixteen Toes #WeirdButTrue

This Italian-American man was born in 1884 in Sicily and presents an early and rather famous example of extra body parts. When Frank Lentini born a parasitic twin was joined to his spin and the most prominent part of this was the extra leg emerging from the right part of his hip with an extra small foot attached to the knee. He is perhaps known as The Great Lentini as he formerly performed with the Ringling Brothers Circus.

4. Rudy Santos – extra body

My Shocking Story - Octopus Man

Perhaps best known as Octoman for his stage work, Rudy Santos was born with a whole extra body. He was born in the Philippines in 1953 and used his extra body to raise money for his family by performing in freak shows

3. Jasmine Tridevil – woman with three breasts

Woman Gets Plastic Surgery For RIDICULOUS Reason – Jasmine Tridevil

While many people may be dismayed by their extra body part and even try to hide it, the same cannot be said for Jasmine Tridevil. This woman actually had a third breast added by cosmetic surgery and it nestles neatly in between the other two. She claims that she actually had the breast added to make herself less attractive to men, although she is certainly not camera shy.

2. Double Dick Dude – Man with two functioning penises

As the name suggests, this man was literally born with two penises. This may well be the physical embodiment of the dream of many men around the world and one of the most interesting things about this phenomenon is that both penises are fully working (and both are huge!). He did an Reddit AMA and if you like freaky sex stories that’s a must read!

1. Hazel Jones – woman with two vaginas

Hazel Jones Full Interview This Morning 2012

This woman might be the perfect match for Double Dick Dude, as Hazel Jones was born with two vaginas. However, she didn’t realise this until she was diagnosed at the age of 18 and the very rare condition known as uterus didelphys means that she also has two cervixes and two wombs, meaning that at least in theory it would be possible for her to have double pregnancies as well.

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