The personalities of Hollywood actors come in all shapes and sizes. Some are role models while other are, well, not good people to look up to. These special few actors have the unique ability to remain equally crazy in and out of character.

10. Klaus Kinski

Often regarded as the German Marlon Brando, Klaus Kinski remains a controversial actor well known for his outbursts on set. Working with the equally eccentric director Werner Herzog on five feature films, their first team up occurred for Aguirre in 1972. Shot on a set in the Peruvian jungle, on one occasion Kinski was infuriated over the loud noises being made by crew members playing cards in a hut so he fired three shots – one of which shot off an extra’s finger. When Kinski then attempted to leave the set, Herzog held him at gunpoint until he agreed to stay. During the filming of Fitzcarraldo (also shot in the Peruvian jungle), natives who were used on the film as extras became increasingly frustrated with Kinski’s outbursts and approached Herzog with an offer to kill him. The only reason Herzog turned it down was because he still needed him to complete the film.

9. Kiefer Sutherland

As part of the Brat Pack, Kiefer Sutherland had a string of success in the 80s with roles in the likes of Young Guns, The Lost Boys and Flat Liners. Off set, the gravel voiced actor was a well known party animal with a history of DUIs and drunken behaviour. Despite a career revival following the enormous success of TV series 24, Sutherland’s antics remained just as crazy. Following his fourth DUI arrest in 2007, he served 48 days in jail during a break in filming. In 2009 he headbutted fashion designer Jack McCollough at an awards event for his derogatory remarks against friend Brooke Shields. Whilst partying with the band he manages at a London hotel, he drunkenly tackled a Christmas tree after a friend commented “You’re a pirate”.

8. Russell Crowe

Aussie actor Russell Crowe hit the big time after portraying macho men like Maximus in Gladiator and Bud in LA Confidential. However, it seems his anger issues follow him off set, too.
On the set of Gladiator, he felt a producer was low balling his assistant. Crowe thought the best solution would be to ring the producer at 3am to declare “I will kill you with my bare hands” without even introducing himself. The producer requested to be removed from the movie shortly afterwards. After winning Best Actor at the 2002 BAFTAs, Crowe’s acceptance speech was cut short during broadcast. He became upset and hit a producer backstage and has subsequently never been nominated since. However, his most famous outburst is when he threw a telephone at an employee during his stay at the Mercer Hotel as the system would not work properly.

7. Gary Busey

Character actor Gary Busey suffered a head injury after being in a motorcycle accident when he wasn’t wearing a helmet. This led to permanent brain damage which he states has turned off his filter. Busey turned to cocaine and at one point overdosed. This was after he dropped a bag on his dog and, not wanting to waste any, snorted it directly from the furball. He has also been questioned by police over allegedly assaulting an air hostess, been charged with spousal abuse, was sued for failing to pay rent and almost filed for bankruptcy. Busey also claims to be a black belt in budo-jiu jitsu, capoeira, hapkido and kendo. Although this has yet to be verified, we’ll take his word for it.

6. Sean Young

Sean Young began her Hollywood career with a slew of hits including Ridley Scott’s 1982 cult hit Blade Runner. Shortly afterwards, Oliver Stone cast her in Wall Street playing Charlie Sheen’s wife. However, unhappy with this casting and wanting Daryl Hannah’s role, she allegedly taped a note to her fellow actress reading “I am a c**t”. She was so disruptive on set her role was substantially cutdown. Afterwards, Young wanted to be cast as Catwoman in Tim Burton’s sequel to his 1989 hit Batman. Rather than go through her agent, she felt the best way to campaign for the role would be to make a homemade costume and approach Burton and Michael Keaton on the Warner Brother set making cat noises. Surprisingly, the producers went in a different direction. Young’s career took a sharp plummet and she was last seen in Attack of the 50 Foot Cheerleader – a direct to TV film.

5. Crispin Glover

Known for playing eccentric characters, Crispin Glover’s most crazy performance came from an appearance on interview talk-show Late Night with David Letterman in 1987. Although he was supposed to be promoting his upcoming film River’s Edge, Glover emerged backstage wearing a long wig and platform shoes. Rather than a conventional interview, he challenged Letterman to an arm-wrestling competition and displayed his karate abilities by almost kicking the host in the face. Letterman promptly left the set and the show cut to a commercial break. Unbeknownst to everyone but Glover, he was in character for the upcoming movie Rubin and Ed – a feat marked even more bizarre by the fact the film wasn’t released for another four years. Glover has refused to comment about his appearance other than he is flattered that fans still speculate on it nearly 20 years later.

4. Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay Lohan enjoyed huge success as a child actress and teen star. Unfortunately, it didn’t last long. During the filming of Georgia Rule, Lohan was notoriously disruptful on set, arriving several hours late and intoxicated. In a letter made public, a studio executive branded her as “irresponsible and unprofessional”. Lohan soon entered Alcoholics Anonymous, followed by a stay at Wonderland Centre rehabilitation centre. Both proved unsuccessful and she was arrested for a DUI a few months later – where she was once again forced to enter rehab. Less than two weeks later, she was arrested on charges of possession of cocaine, a further DUI and driving with a suspended license. After violating her probation, she was sentenced to 90 days in prison following a court trial in which she had the words “fuck u” painted on her fingernail. Over the past few years Lohan has tried to reignite her career starring in the West End, but she has had minimal success – her most favourable reviews stated she could “Act a bit”.

3. Wesley Snipes

Wesley Snipes began training martial arts at the age of 12, soon earning a black belt in both Shotokan karate and Hapkido. During a competition he was recognised by a casting agent and found himself as a much sought out actor for action flicks. During the filming of Blade: Trinity, Snipes’ on set antics made headlines in Tinseltown’s tabloids. Following a clash with director and screenwriter David S. Goyer, Snipes refused to leave his trailer for any scene that didn’t feature a closeup. When he did emerge (and often smelling of pot), he delivered a performance so bland that Ryan Reynolds and the rest of the cast were given permission to improvise extra scenes. Snipes then stepped up the crazy by introducing himself as ‘Blade’ to the cast the crew and only interacting with them through post-it notes – also signed by ‘Blade’. Later, Snipes was found guilty of tax fraud after filing false tax refunds for claims of over $10 million. He served three years in prison and was released in April 2013.

2. Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage began his very successful film career with a slate of hits including ‘Fast Times at Ridgemont High’ and his Oscar winning role as an alcoholic in ‘Leaving Las Vegas’. However, his most recent string of flops can be blamed on an outstanding tax bill following a history of crazy product purchases. He has bought: a fleet of 22 cars (including 9 Rolls Royces), a dinosaur skull for $276,000, 15 personal residences including the “most haunted house in America”, a 9 foot tall Pyramid in a New Orleans cemetery he intends to be buried in as well as a sizeable collection of art and expensive jewelry. The IRS alleged Cage owed in excess of $6 million for the year 2007. He began attempting to sell much of his real estate but at a significant loss; a home with an asking price of $35 million was sold at less than a third of that.

1. Charlie Sheen

Like Kiefer Sutherland, Charlie Sheen was part of the 80s Brat Pack and had a steady career in film before taking a main role in TV. For the CBS hit sitcom Two and a Half Men, he was paid a record breaking $1.8 million per episode. Sheen’s personal life hit headlines in 2011 when he entered rehab, causing the production of the TV show to halt. He was soon banned from entering the studio following public derogatory remarks about the series creator as well as demanding a 50% increase in salary. He was eventually fired and replaced by Ashton Kutcher. Following his dismissal he had a meltdown, suggesting he was a warlock with tiger blood and Adonis DNA and he was, and always will, be winning. Once again, he cursed out his former employees before stating “I’m tired of pretending I’m not special. I’m a total bitchin’ rockstar from Mars”. Although these claims have yet to disproven, it is unlikely he will have another hit for a while – his latest sitcom was cancelled following hugely disappointing reviews.

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