The Illuminati has become the conspiracy theory of choice for paranoid types who are convinced that a shadowy, powerful organisation is lurking in the shadows and masterminding world events. The group has been linked to a huge range of different conspiracy theories, but some of the most intriguing involve celebrities. Many conspiracy theorists believe that some of the most prominent singers, athletes, actors and artists have either found their fame and fortune thanks to the backing of the Illuminati or that they have been used as pawns and puppets to push the agenda of the organisation. Some celebrities have been accused of planting subliminal messages in their creative work while others have been fairly blatant in using Illuminati symbolism and imagery. It should be noted that the conspiracy theories involving most of these celebrities don’t believe that they are a controlling force in the Illuminati but rather that they are being exploited to service the needs of a New World Order.

10. Katy Perry

The music industry has apparently always been an attractive target for the Illuminati to exploit. Many pop and hip hop stars are said to have helped the Illuminati exploit the multi-billion dollar industry and are used to spread its messages and ideology to a mass audience. Conspiracy theorists are suspicious of most young artists who has have dramatically risen to the top, alleging that they may have been able to do so thanks to some unforeseen powerful forces working behind the scenes. The music videos and stage performances of Katy Perry have led to some fervent accusations that the famous singer is deliberately showing her Illuminati roots. In the Egyptian-themed music video for her 2014 single “Dark Horse”, Perry featured Illuminati imagery which included the Eye of Horus, Sphinxes and serpents. The video ends with her atop of a giant, floating pyramid. When she performed the single at the 2014 Grammys, Perry again played heavily on imagery but this time seemed to be promoting the occult (another thing linked to the Illuminati) as she danced around in front of a fire background surrounded by strange, horned creatures. It was remarked that her outfit – a striking red top shaped like a crucifix – resembled the armour wore by the Knights of the Templar. The symbology of this religious order originating from the 12th century has long been used by the Freemasons, who are said to be closely linked to the Illuminati.

9. Britney Spears

Some conspiracy theorists believe that the Illuminati deliberately manufactures and creates ‘celebrity trainwrecks’ – with or without the cooperation of the celebrities involved – as a smokescreen to control the media when they need to cover up or manipulate bigger stories. Another explanation is that these public meltdowns are the result of Monarch Mind Control failure. Seemingly inspired by the CIA’s Project MKUltra, the Illuminati is said to brainwash some of its members to ensure their cooperation and allegiance to the organisation and to create a form of dissociative multiple personality disorder which can be commanded at will. This Monarch programming is typically symbolised by a butterfly which is either used as a ‘trigger’ or features heavily in the brainwashing experiments. In 2007, Britney Spears made headlines when she shaved her head and was placed in 5150 involuntary psychiatric hold because of her unstable behaviour. Some believe that this was actually the result of a ‘Monarch breakdown’ and that the pop princess had been groomed by the Illuminati from her early years in the Mickey Mouse Club. Disney has been linked to the 13 Illuminati bloodlines – 13 Satanic families or groups who have played an important part in the organisation – and is heralded as a powerful company which deliberately deceives and corrupts the youth with its creative output. In more recent years, the meltdowns of other former Disney starlets such as Amanda Bynes and Lindsay Lohan have attracted similar conspiracy theories.

8. Lebron James

Like the music industry, the sporting world has its fair share of very high-profile, high earning celebrities. LeBron James has long been one of the biggest names in basketball, so it will probably come as no surprise to hear that his activities on and off court have caught the attention of Illuminati-hungry conspiracy theorists. James’ pre and post-game hand gestures have been closely examined and he has apparently been seen flashing devil horns, throwing up ‘6s’ and creating the Illuminati pyramid symbol. When he famously switched his jersey from 23 to 6 after signing with Miami Heat, many paranoid commenters were quick to jump on the ‘number of the beast’ connection, although he did eventually change back when he returned to Cleveland.

7. Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus is another pop star who has been accused of deliberately including subliminal Illuminati messages and symbolism in her music videos. The video for her 2013 single “We Can’t Stop” prominently features The All Seeing Eye which is drawn on her finger in several shots and the ‘666’ hand gesture is also flashed by Cyrus and others. Cyrus hit back at the rumours and argued that she was simply trying to recreate the madness of living and partying in Los Angeles, but many are unconvinced that there wasn’t something deeper and more malicious at play. Her 2010 video for “Can’t be Tamed” was also scrutinised for featuring birdhouses and cages (said to be suggestive of mind control) and for showing her cavorting next to goats with horns. Her dramatic reinvention from young TV star to provocative performer has also courted speculation that she, like Britney Spears, has undergone some sort of breakdown reaction to her Monarch programming and that she was used from an early age as a puppet to somehow ensnare young children for the Illuminati cause.

6. Rihanna

As the protégé of supposed Illuminati superstar Jay-Z, it was inevitable that Rihanna would be yet another singer connected with the secretive organisation. However, unlike the rapper she has directly addressed her alleged Illuminati connection in her own music videos. Some think that this is a deliberate way for her to shrug off conspiracy theories while for others it is just further evidence that she is another puppet of the organisation. In the video for her 2010 single “S&M”, Rihanna dances in front of backdrop which shows fake newspaper headlines. One of the scrolling blocks of text clearly says “Princess of the Illuminati”. Similarly, in the video for her earlier 2007 hit “Umbrella”, she is seen posing while sitting in a large pyramid shape. Also, three of her tattoos – including the very prominent piece on her chest – are Egyptian symbols.

5. Beyonce

In 2008, Beyonce promoted the release of her third studio album “I Am… Sasha Fierce” by introducing an on stage alter ego which would allow her to become a more sensual, aggressive performer. Illuminati conspiracy theorists were quick to speculate that this was more than a mere marketing ploy and that the singer was confronting the fact that she been corrupted by evil forces so she could find success. Promo shots of Sasha Fierce which depicted Beyonce holding her hands to her head in a horned pose and wearing a metal corset-style top with a goat’s skull on it pretty much sealed the deal, but the release of the single “Sweet Dreams” also sparked accusations that she was referring to Monarch Programming. Other connections have been associated with the singer, especially because of her high-profile marriage to supposed Illuminati cohort Jay-Z. When the pair welcomed their first child into the world in January 2012, conspiracy theories kicked into overdrive when it was revealed that the name of their daughter, Blue Ivy, was a deliberate anagram of Eulb Yvi, the name of Satan’s daughter in Latin. However, this supposed occult connection was roundly debunked when it was revealed that it had no sound theological basis whatsoever. In fact, even the Church of Satan itself denied any connection with the name.

4. Clint Eastwood

It’s hard to believe that grizzled, no-nonsense cinema legend Clint Eastwood would let anyone push him around, but the veteran actor along with fellow contemporaries like Charlton Heston and Bing Crosby were all said to be attendees of Bohemian Grove. Located in Monte Rio, California, Bohemian Grove is a 2,700 acre campground which has been known to entertain some of the most powerful men in the world. Attendees meet annually during three-weekend encampments and the proceedings of the Bohemian Grove are guarded in mystery and intrigue. It is known that members take part in ritualistic activities, the most infamous one being the ‘Cremation of Care’ – a dramatic production (accompanied by pyrotechnics and music) where members gather in front of a 40 foot Owl shrine for a symbolic banishing of their earthly woes. Although many have downplayed the importance of the event (journalist Jon Ronson likened the mock pagan pageantry and drunken antics to men who seem emotionally “trapped in their college years”), many Illuminati conspiracy theorists have found it hard to ignore the significance of all these powerful people meeting in a place which also just happens to be rich in Masonic imagery. Over the years it has been confirmed that ‘Illuminati Bloodline’ families such as the Rothschilds, Kennedys, Duponts and Rockefellers have all been prominent guests of honour at the Bohemian Grove.

3. Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is said to be another pop star puppet of the Illuminati. Many publicity shots of the singer show her either covering or accentuating one eye – deliberate poses which are said to represent either the All Seeing Eye of the Eye of Horus – and she seems to be a fan of wearing occult-like horns as part of her weird fashion choices. However, conspiracy theorists really had a field day when the eccentric singer released the 7 minute music video for her 2010 single “Born This Way”. The surreal video opens up with Gaga narrating the “manifesto of Mother Monster” and talks about man’s creation and the duality of good and evil. The speech is vague and abstract enough to be tied into the idea of a New World Order (even though the entire meaning of the song is completely at odds with the idea of an authoritarian world government with a fixed ideology), but what follows after it is a baffling barrage of visually striking scenes and imagery which have been exposed as an Illuminati brainwashing video. Some of the many supposedly deliberate Illuminati references include monarch butterflies, pyramids, the All Seeing Eye, devil horns, masonic symbolism and Baphomet. Also known as the “Goat of Mendes” or the “Black Goat”, Baphomet is featured prominently in many conspiracy theories. Baphomet was an idol thought to be worshipped by the Knights of the Templar. In the 19th century, Baphomet came to be associated with the occult thanks to the works of Eliphas Lévi whose depiction of the figure – a horned, goat-headed creature with a female body which was typically drawn pointing up with one arm and down with the other – is now widely associated with the Illuminati.

2. The Kardashians

An illuminati connection would certainly explain the inexplicable fame of the Kardashian family. In November 2013, Kim Kardashian provoked suspicion when she shared a photo of herself and friend Brittny Gastineau on Instagram. Kim had created a photo collage in the shape of the All Seeing Eye, prompting her followers to question her strange design choice. Kim answered back with “What is the Illuminati? A religion?…A cult?…not into that sorry!”, seemingly oblivious to the connection. However, she and her family courted further controversy a month later when they released their family Christmas card. The bizarre, highly stylized card was a panoramic featuring all the members of the reality family clan posing in front of a backdrop full of imagery and strange artwork. Many were quick to point out the fact that Illuminati symbols such as the All Seeing Eye atop a pyramid were featured prominently in the photograph. Other Illuminati ‘clues’ were said to be the destroyed mannequins (suggestive of abused, discarded puppets), headdresses (mind control) and the references to fame and fortune. Kim’s husband Kanye West has also been drawn into the conspiracy for using occult imagery in his music videos and because he’s been seen wearing clothing which apparently depict the image of Baphomet. West approached the rumours head on in an interview and insisted that he had no part of any it and that the Illuminati conspiracy is nothing more than “a distraction” to keep the masses from prying into more important matters in the world.

1. Jay-Z

For years, Jay-Z has struggled to escape accusations that he is the most highly influential celebrity member of the Illuminati. The rumours seem to stem from the fact that he has become one of the most popular and commercially successful artists and entrepreneurs in the hip hop industry, but conspiracy theorists adamantly point out that there is more to it than the fact that he is just rich and famous. As well as the usual theories about his lyrics and music videos betraying some sort of affiliation, he frequently flashes a hand sign that is apparently a direct reference to the most powerful Illuminati symbol – the pyramid. Jay-Z (and other affiliated artists) references his record label Roc-A-Fella Records by pushing the tips of his thumbs and forefingers together, creating a pyramid in the middle. Although Jay-Z has said time and time again that the shape is a diamond (or a ‘rock’), others have remarked that the name of the company is some type of play on the name of the insanely powerful Rockefeller family, who are supposedly one of the thirteen Illuminati ‘Bloodlines’. His Rocawear clothing line also clearly features occult and masonic imagery such as the Eye of Horus, the All Seeing Eye, the Masonic Compass and even Baphomet himself. Former Public Enemy member turned conspiracy theory mouthpiece Professor Griff (he was kicked out of the hip hop group for making anti semitic remarks) has been a vocal ‘whistleblower’ of the Illuminati in recent years and has touted himself as a credible industry insider on the New World Order. Griff infamously claimed that the Illuminati operates on a ‘blood sacrifice’ principle and that members who want to reach the “$100 million dollar club” need to pay their dues by losing someone close to them. In Jay-Z’s case, Griff claimed that this resulted in the death of his nephew but he also mentions that Jennifer Hudson and Kanye West suffered family tragedies because of a similar ‘pact’.

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