Some holders of a title in the Guinness Book of Records do everything to get a record in that book. Dirty records aren’t an exception. We list the 15 dirtiest records in the book. Anyone interest in breaking these records?

15. Dirtiest drink that you can actually drink


The honor of the dirties drink in the world goes to tribal tribes in Afghanistan. This dirty drink is part of the wedding night. Khoona is the local name for this brew. It is the bull that makes it. Khoona is lukewarm sperm from the bull. Nice to start your wedding night but the drink is supposed to be an aphrodisiac .

14. The biggest poop ever

largest poop

Yep, you read that right. The biggest shit is made by an American man. But this gentleman preferred to remain anonymous. According to the Guinness Book of Records, the biggest turd would have been 3.5 meters long, and it took 12 hours to produce. Apparently the man in question would have been banned 120 times from public toilets. We now know why.

13. The longest fart

This honor goes to Bernard Clemmens from London. He managed to leave one that lasted three minutes. We have two questions: what did the man eat and who measured this world record?

12. The biggest pile of cut nails

Apparently a big pile of cut nails is worth a record. In 2011, Fefe Anon began to collect her nails. After two years, she had a pile of 1.5 centimeters high. Fefe did not keep her record long. In the same year she was already passed by a man who could present a pile of no less than 15 centimeters.

11. Spray milk from eyes

Some things you really have to see before you believe them. The wet eye record is one of them. In 2004, the Turkish man Mehmet Yilmaz managed to aim moisture from his eyes just 2.7 meters away in a bag.

10. Most pubic hair

A bald beaver isn’t necessary, but a little trim, yes please! The lady in question comes from Cape Town and is called Maoni Vi. She hasn’t cut her pubic hair since it started growing in her puberty. It is 81 centimeters long under her arms and 72 centimeters on her private parts. Fortunately she is posing in a bathing suit. Maybe she sometimes makes braids in it, we wonder.

9. Squeezing a pimple

The records in this list are getting better and nastier. The British Carl Chadwick managed to shoot the pus out of his pimple more than two meters in 1987.

8. Eat as many cockroaches as possible in one minute

A man, Ken Edwards, can eat 36 roaches in this time span. Someone still hungry?

7. Eat as many cow brains as possible

Takeru Kobayashi is known for the amount of hot dogs he can eat. But he also likes something else. A cow’s brain, for example. He eats about eight kilograms of brain in 15 minutes. And then he proudly shows his big belly.

6. The loudest female burp

Her name is Jodie Parks and she looks very civilized. Until she opens her mouth and leaves a farmer. One of 104 decibels. Just measure how hard that is not on your cell phone.

5. Most larvae moved with the mouth

Can it get any dirtier? Yes, larvae move with your mouth for example. That is the hobby of one Charlie Bell.

4. Smelling as many feet as possible

smell feet

Madeline Albrecht from Cincinnati also has a record to her name. That of the most sniffed feets. While most people don’t even dare to smell at their own feet, Madeline does it as a profession. Madeline works for Dr. Scholl’s. It makes creams for our feet, among other things. And she must smell whether those spreads do their job well. The record stands at around 5600 feets smelled.

3. Nose picking for professionals

Occasionally picking your nose. We all do that. This young man does more than fiddle, he puts his finger 6 centimeters in his nose. We think that this Josh Werner just has a very long nose organ, or a very short finger.

2. Most spiders ever on a human body

Not for frightened souls. Australian Tom Buchanan hosted 125 Nephila spiders. And they are big. But not toxic luckily.

1. Tongue strength sports

What can a tongue do? Spin, let food and drinks end up in your esophagus. But more too, according to this record. Thomas Blackthorne can lift a weight of 11 kilograms (in the test it was pasta) with his tongue. Curious how that man kisses.

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