The human body is a wonder, but sometimes it produces sounds that are anything but pleasant. Here are the top 10 worst sounds our body can make.

1. Vomiting

Listening to someone vomiting is absolute torture! The sound of noisy gagging and the throwing of body fluids is almost contagious for many.

2. Farts

There are so many variations in the sound of farts. From quiet, squeaking to noisy, it can be both funny and terrible. And let’s not forget the smell!

3. Snoring

Loud snoring can be a real hell, especially when trying to sleep. It can range from soft humming to a sound resembling a chainsaw.

4. Chewing

For some, the sound of chewing, especially with an open mouth, is one of the worst sounds. It can range from smacking lips to the crunching of food.

5. Burping

Burping can be more disgusting for some than farts. It is a natural process, but the sound and sometimes the smell can be quite unpleasant.

6. Whining

The sound of whining, especially from small children, can be particularly annoying.

7. Teeth Grinding

The sound of teeth grinding can be a terrible noise, especially in the silence of the night.

8. Choking

The sound of someone choking can be both terrifying and terrible.

9. Hiccups

Although hiccups can sometimes be funny, they can also be embarrassing and annoying, especially if they come at an inconvenient time.

10. Joint Cracking

The cracking of joints can be a satisfying feeling for some, but for others, the sound is unbearable.

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