The term hot spring is, of course, obvious. These are sources of hot water that occur naturally in various places on earth. In these springs, the water is heated by the heat in the earth’s core, after which the hot water bubbles to the surface. There are numerous hot springs that are visited by many tourists, but some are more famous than others. Here are the top 10 most famous hot springs in the world.

10. Hot Springs of Deception Island – Antarctica

deception island antarctica

Large parts of Antarctica are not easily visited, but Deception Island is one of the few safe havens on the continent. The island is actually formed by a large volcano, so it’s not surprising that you’ll find hot springs there as well. The temperatures in these hot springs can vary tremendously. For example, some springs feel freezing cold, while others can reach a temperature of 70 degrees.

9. Cascate del Mulino – Italy

Cascate del Mulino

In the Italian region of Tuscany you will find the town of Cascate del Mulino, which is also home to the hot spring of the same name. This source is famous because the hot water flows down through many small waterfalls, after which natural indentations are filled with water of 37 degrees. The water is also filled with all kinds of natural minerals, so many people consider it a spa.

8. Blood Pond – Japan

Blood Pond

This hot spring has a sinister name that comes from the color of the water. In fact, the spring is filled with red water that looks like a literal blood bath. The water gets this color because it contains a lot of iron. The hot spring is so hot that steam is constantly escaping. This gives this particular natural phenomenon a very ominous appearance.

7. Minerva Terrace – United States

Minerva Terrace

You’ll find this hot spring in Yellowstone Nature Park, which is known for its many hot springs and geysers. Again, the water is transported through small waterfalls and lies on several plateaus made of glue stone. This stone immediately gives the spring a whimsical appearance. Tourists enjoy a beautiful view, as the natural shape of the hot spring ensures that there are special walkways to view the water up close.

6. Takaragawa Onsen – Japan

Takaragawa Onsen

Are you looking for a beautiful hot spring to unwind in? Then the Takaragawa Onsen in Japan might be the best choice. This hot spring overlooks a babbling river and is located among the Japanese mountains. The water in this spring is thought to have healing qualities. For example, visitors believe that it can remedy skin irritations, aching muscles and blood circulation problems. So it is not surprising that this hot spring is incredibly popular.

5. Blue Lagoon – Icelandic

The Blue Lagoon is an artificial lake. Due to its location in a lava field, the lake is heated naturally. The geothermal bath is used for tourists to completely relax. The steam comes off the water as you immerse yourself in the middle of nature. But there is more. It is said that there is a healing effect from the water. This is due to the many minerals that the water contains. These minerals could cure various skin diseases, such as psoriasis. Even as an ordinary tourist you can enjoy the warm water that has a temperature of about 39 degrees.

4. Grand Prismatic Spring – United States

Grand Prismatic Sprin

The Grand Prismatic Spring is also part of Yellowstone Nature Park in the United States. The special thing about this hot spring is its color. Where the center of the spring is beautifully blue, the spring turns to green, yellow and red at the edges. This has everything to do with the many minerals found in the water and in the soil beneath the hot spring.

3. Boiling Lake – Dominica

Boiling Lake - Dominica

This particular hot spring is found on Dominica, an island in Caribbean Sea. It is the second largest hot spring in the world and is located in Morne Trois Pitons national park. The spring looks mysterious, with green-blue water surrounded by rugged rocks. The water is also at boiling temperature, constantly bubbling and fizzing, creating an impressive cloud of steam.

2. Frying Pan Lake – New Zealand

Frying Pan Lake

This is the largest hot spring in the world, with a width of no less than 200 meters. The water has a high acidity level and is approximately between 50 and 60 degrees hot. Here, too, you often see large clouds of steam rising above the water as it constantly evaporates. The lake is easy to visit, because it is located in nature reserve Waimangu Volcanic Rift Valley, where there are also paths for wheelchair users.

1. Pamukkale – Turkey


In Turkish, Pamukkale means “castle of cotton.” This hot spring therefore owes its name to its unusual appearance, with radiant white plateaus, each of which forms small pools. The clear blue water looks even more beautiful in this white rock formation. In total there are 17 different plateaus with water, with a pleasant temperature and lots of minerals. Not surprising that many tourists come here. However, swimming in the baths has been prohibited since 1988.

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