Breast augmentation is a common cosmetic surgery, with many opting for it to enhance their appearance or boost self-confidence. However, some have taken this procedure to the extreme, opting for implants of astonishing sizes. In this article, we delve into the stories of 10 women who have some of the biggest breast implants in the world. From personal choices to health risks, their stories are as varied as their cup sizes.

1. Keshia Evans

**Cup Size: Overfilled to 6,000 CC**

An American big bust model with very large breast implants. She has 3000 CC of smooth round shelled saline that was overfilled to 6,000 cc. She solicits public donations to replace her overfilled implants with specially made 6000 CC capacity implants.

2. Busty Dusty

**Cup Size: 90 Triple H (Equivalent to J)**

A 55-year-old retired American adult model and exotic dancer. Her bra size was noted as 90 Triple H, equivalent to a J bra size. She had a breast reduction surgery in 1999 and retired soon after.

3. BB Guns

**Cup Size: EJJ (Equivalent to Triple H)**

A 46-year-old American big bust entertainer and porn star with an EJJ bra size, equivalent to a triple H cup. She has starred in various television shows, movies, and talk shows.

4. Lolo Ferrari

**Cup Size: Around 54 J**

A dancer, pornographic actress, and singer known for her enlarged breast implants. She had 22 enlargements, resulting in a 180 centimeter silicone-enhanced bust. Each of her breasts weighed 6.2 pounds and contained three liters of saline. She died at the age of 37 due to apparent suicide.

5. Sheyla Hershey

**Cup Size: 34 FFFF**

A Brazilian media celebrity known for having extremely large breast implants. As of 2008, she underwent eight operations to achieve a recorded bra size of 34 FFFF.

6. Maxi Mounds

**Cup Size: 42 M**

A 52-year-old American big bust model, stripper, and actress from New York. She has breast implants measuring a 42M bra size. Each of her breasts weighs about 20 pounds. She has implants with a polypropylene string, which causes the breasts to grow continuously.

7. Minka

**Cup Size: 30 P**

A South Korean adult model, porn star, and exotic dancer, known for having the largest breast size on an Asian woman. Her breasts are 54 inches around, and her bra size is 30P. Like Maxi Mounds, she also has a polypropylene string, so her breasts will continue to grow.

8. Lacey Wildd

**Cup Size: Triple Q**

An American reality TV star and model known for her extreme body modifications. She has spent over $250,000 on breast augmentation surgeries, going from a triple L cup to a triple Q cup. Overall, she’s had about 36 plastic surgeries

9. Beshine

**Cup Size: Triple Z**

Known for her triple Z cup, her breasts have 10,000 CC of saline implants and weigh about 20 pounds each. She started from a 32A cup. Her large breasts pose additional challenges in everyday tasks.

10. Chelsea Charms

**Cup Size: 202Z**

Her breast size is beyond triple Z, labeled as 202Z. She has appeared in adult magazines and TV shows. She has had breast augmentation surgery three times, with the third surgery using a polypropylene string that causes continuous growth. As of December 2014, her breasts increased to 21,000 CC.

These women have pushed the boundaries of cosmetic surgery, each with their unique reasons and stories. While their choices may seem extreme, they highlight the diverse ways in which individuals seek to modify their bodies in the pursuit of personal ideals or professional demands.

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