If you are thinking of getting a pet for yourself or the kids but find dogs to average and goldfish just plain boring, maybe you should look at this list of the top ten weirdest pets for some ideas. There is nothing quite like a pet in the family, and some of the animals you are about to see are certainly ‘nothing like a pet.’ Suffice to say their owner’s dot on them and are very proud of the international fame that they bring.

10. The Alien Kat

This cute cat looks anything than worldly. I guess that it has something to do with our image of what alien’s eyes look like.

9. Zeus, the giant dog

Zeus was the tallest dog in the world. This monster of an animal was an incredible 44 inches at the shoulder and when he stood on his back legs, was seven-feet-four. Sadly Zeus has died after reaching the ripe old age of six

8. The Twin Destroyer (two headed snake)

This animal is extremely rare and was born to reptile breeder John McNamara in Australia. This is either a dream come true or your biggest nightmare, depending on your view on snakes.

7. Obie ( fattest dog)

Obie the sausage dog weighed more than five stone seven pounds. This was more than twice the average weight of the breed. He has been put on a very strict diet and undergone surgery to reduce the excess ‘puppy fat.’

6. Duncan ( two legged dog)


Duncan is one of the most amazing animals you will ever see. He doesn’t have any back legs and moves around using prosthetics or a wheelchair. To Duncan the boxer, having two legs is just a minor inconvenience.

5. Goldie ( largest goldfish)

Just when you imagined it was OK to put your hand back in the goldfish bowl, take a look at Goldie. Almost 16 inches in length and weighing over two pounds, he is the beloved pet of 83-year-old Dutch lady, Ada.

4. The grumpy cat

Cat celebrity, Tardar Sauce is one of the first ever pet celebrities and is internationally famous for her ‘grumpy’ facial expressions. She is simply known as, Grumpy Cat.

3. Two-headed turtle

A Chinese farmer was left shocked after the birth on his farm of a two-headed turtle. This utterly bizarre animal hatched out in the Chinese province of Jiangxi.

2. Franky and Lowie ( two faced cat)

This unusual cat was born with a unique condition called diprosopus. Put simply; this means that it has two faces. Initially only expected to live a few days, Franky and Lowie, survived and thrived.

1. Wendy (strongest dog)

A whippet called Wendy holds the record as being the strongest dog in the world. This Incredible Hulk of Hounds did it without the use of weights but relied on a rare genetic symptom.

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