When procrastination calls, it’s easy to get caught up refreshing the same few websites time and time again waiting for new content. Try out these underrated websites instead to break out of the monotony.

10. Calm.com

Want to lessen your personal stress or increase your level of sleep? Calm.com offers users a way of bringing more clarity and joy into their lives. The site offers a variety of programs ranging from ‘7 Days of Sleep’ to ‘21 Days of Calm’, and even comes with accompanying apps on Android and IOS so you can meditate on the go..

9. Archive.org

The Internet Archive is a nonprofit digital library who aim to give ‘universal access to all knowledge’ by providing free access to collections of digitized media such as websites, software, games, apps, music and public-domain books (over 3 million so far). Archive.org also comes with ‘The Way Back Machine’ which allows you to take a step in the past and see what websites used to look like.

8. Imslp.org

Following on similar lines, the International Music Score Library Project (IMSLP) is a virtual-library of public domain music scores. There are currently over 300,000 scores and 35,000 recordings by over 12,000 composers. From the beginning of 2016 the site turned to a subscription based model, but don’t let that put you off signing up – the fee is less than $2 per month.

7. Noisli.com

For many, listening to music while working or studying can hinder productivity despite the intentions of creating a non-distracting background noise. Noisli steps in by allowing users to create their own perfect ambient noise, with the ability to blend a vast amount of options varying from a gentle breeze to a thunderous storm. Although no sign-up is necessary, the free accounts allow users to save different profiles as well as share their creations.

6. Sleepyti.me

Sleep occurs in cycles of approximately 90 minutes, with usually 4 to 5 cycles in a night’s sleep. Sleepytime helps users get these sleep cycles in order to help combat the morning grogginess than occurs when you wake mid-cycle. The site gives you information on when it’s best to sleep if you have to be up at a certain time or, conversely, offers advice as to when to set the alarm if you know what time you’ll be dozing off.

5. Codeacademy.com

Founded in 2011, Codecademy is an online learning platform for users who want to learn how to code. Several courses are available, including HTML, Javascript, PHP and Python. More than 24 million users have completed well over 100 million online exercises.

4. Gethuman.com

We all dread ringing up customer services only to be given a long list of options before inevitably getting stuck on hold for longer than anticipated. GetHuman offers a variety of ways to help circumvent this. Not only do they list numbers that will get you directly in the queue to speak to a real person, but they also offer the service of being able to skip being put on hold. Their robots ring the companies for you, then transfer the call directly to your phone when it connects to a person.

3. ChooseYourStory.com

In the vein of Choose Your Own Adventure books, this community driven site provides members with the opportunity to partake in other users uploaded stories. There are also forums with helpful tips on how to improve your writing style.

2. Ninite.com

One of the most laborious tasks after reinstalling your Windows operating system is having to download and install all your necessary programs. Ninite steps in to make this this a breeze by giving you an in-all-one installer for your chosen choice of programs. Even better, all programs are guaranteed to be the latest version, saving you that even peskier task of updating.

1. WolframAlpha.com

Launched in 2009, Wolfram Alpha is an online service which answers almost any factual query by computing the answer, unlike many other search engines which provide a list of external links. A pro version with more options is available for a monthly subscription, but you’ll probably get by with a free account when you sign up.

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