We only looked at them just to compile this list. These animals do not inspire awe, in fact, they are downright repulsive to the sensibilities. Here are the top 10 ugliest animals to grace the face of the earth.

10. The Aye-aye


Spotting rodent-like teeth that are continually growing, and a thin middle finger, this lemur opens our non-lookers list. Its features are so conflicting early scientist classified it as a rodent. In their young age, they are silver on the front with a stripe down the back and get completely covered in fur of an inconsistent color as they age.

9. The Star-nosed mole

Star-nosed mole (2)

Think pink fleshy appendages protruding from the nose and are constantly in motion feeling for food. Yeah, I twitched my nose too. This weird nose makes it look like a cross between a rat and an octopus

8. Trionychidae


They are also known as softshells. These turtles spot an elongated neck that is clearly disproportionate to their body size. The snorkel-shaped nostrils do little in the way of salvaging their looks. You do not wish to hold them; their soft shells do not feel great to touch.

7. Purple frog

Frogs are ugly especially when they are purple, bloated and have a pointed snout, noted to be unusual even among frogs. The purple frog just keeps pushing the limits.

6. Celestial eye goldfish

Celestial eye goldfish

They hatch cute then get ugly. With protuberant upturned eyes and an egg shaped body, one is hard pressed to think of them as possible aquarium fishes. And they are blind.

5. Chinese Crested Hairless Dog

Chinese Crested Hairless Dog

These are curiously odd toy dogs. Dog lovers abhor shedding but would not trade in their dogs for this hairless dog. They have hair on the head, the feet, on the tail and sometimes spot a beard. The rest of the body is hairless like a human being. Yeah, patchy and not so cuddly. They grow to about 11 inches and have longer feet compared to other dogs.

4. Horseshoe Bat

Horseshoe Bat

They borrow their name from the protuberances on their noses that are horseshoe shaped. On closer inspection, if you will bear it, you will notice a pair of boobs near the genitals, yeah, near the genital opening.

3. Naked mole-rat

Naked mole-rat

This naked mole with wrinkled pink or yellow skin is ugly. The overbite with this one is over the top; their lips are behind the protruding incisors. Their legs are thin and short with very tiny eyes which make them look like uncooked sausages. We are not surprised this one spends its days burrowing underground

2. Proboscis monkey

Proboscis monkey (2)

What is it the long nose, pot belly and the orange-pink face, cousin? Their proboscises can reach 4 inches making them the Pinocchio of the family. That’s what you get for all the mischief. Add in the webbed hands and feet and they almost grabbed our not so coveted crown of most ugly animals

1. Blobfish

Mass of slime with eyes and fins to this flattened deep sea creature. The crown of the ugliest goes to the blobfish, the mascot of the Ugly Animal Preservation Society, yeah that’s a thing.

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