Top 10 Taylor Swift Songs

Taylor Swift is arguably one of the most famous pop stars of our time. She has released countless hit singles and albums, won an array of prestigious awards and accolades, and toured all around the world. Her enormous fan base of ‘Swifties’ have helped to support her rise to the top. We count down Taylor Swift’s top ten biggest selling hits of all time.

10. Everything Has Changed feat. Ed Sheeran (2013)

This catchy guitar ballad features British singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran. It was taken from Swift’s fourth studio Album, Red. The song combines both folk and pop elements, and it is based about the idea of wanting to get to know a lover better.

9. Our Song (2007)

Coming in at number nine is Our Song, a single taken form Swift’s debut album entitled Taylor Swift. The upbeat track features a banjo and lyrics that refer to a couple who use everyday events that happen in their lives in place of a song. The song charted within the top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100, and it hit number one on the Hot Country Songs Chart.

8. Teardrops on My Guitar (2006)

Taken from Swift’s first ever debut album, Teardrops on my guitar was released way back in 2007 by Big Machine Records. The song was later included on her second album, Fearless. Swift co-wrote the song with Liz Rose based around her secret feelings for a classmate who she had feelings for. Teardrops on My Guitar peaked at number 13 on the Top Billboard 100 and was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America.

7. Love Story (2008)

Swift wrote Love Story around one of her love interests who wasn’t very popular with her family and friends. Swift intertwined references about Romeo and Juliet into the song. It was released as the lead single in Swift’s second album, Fearless, and it went into the Billboard top 100 at number four. The song was also a world wide success and sold over 8 million copies around the globe.

6. Mine (2010)

Mine is a love song that was released on August 4th 2010 – two weeks earlier than the scheduled release date because of an Internet leak. Swift wrote the song on her own about her tendency to run from love. It went straight into the Billboard Top 100 at number 3.

5. You Belong With Me (2009)

This country pop song was originally released in 2009 by Big Machine Records. The lyrics of the song are based around a phone call that Swift overheard of one of her male friends arguing with his girlfriend. The song was a hit and it won the best song of the year at the 2010 Kids’ Choice Awards, and it was Grammy nominated for Song of the Year, Record of the year and Best Female Pop Performance.

4. 22 (2012)

22 is a top charting single that was taken from Swift’s fourth studio album, Red. The song features a pop beat and lyrics that describe Swift’s joys about being 22. 22 was the sixth single to be taken from the the album Red that hit the top twenty on the Billboard top 100.

3. We are Never Ever Getting Back Together (2012)

This commercial song was also taken from her album, Red. The lyrics are based around her frustration with an ex-lover who wanted to get back together. It was Swift’s first ever song to hit the number one spot on the Billboard Top 100 charts. It received a Grammy Award Nomination for album of the year and it went on to become certified quadruple platinum!

2. I Knew You Were Trouble (2012)

Released in 2012, I knew You Were Trouble was taken off of the album Red and released by Big Machine Records. The upbeat track is very poppy sounding and even features some dubstep in the breakdown. The song was an instant hit and even went on to become one of the biggest selling record of all time worldwide.

1. Shake it Off (2014)

Shake it Off it an uptempo pop track that features some seriously catchy melodies and lyrics. The fun video also helped to boost sales and see Shake it Off go straight into the number one spot on the Top Billboard 100 and remain there for a whopping seven consecutive weeks! It won a host of awards, including the People’s Choice Song of the Year Award, as well as the Best Pop Solo Performance Award at the 2015 Grammy Awards.

So there you have it, ten of Taylor Swift’s most famous tunes of all time. Enjoy!