In the last fifty years, Africa has been undergoing a building surge with most of its cities. In as much as there are few skyscrapers, quite a number of the major countries in Africa have buildings that are just as recognisable and unique as the ones in developed countries such as North America. Below is a list of top ten tallest buildings in Africa although there are buildings that are being planned which will be taller. The list ranks buildings based on standard height measurements by CTBUH. Architectural details and spires are included but minarets and Antenna masts are not included.

10. South African Reserve Bank Building (150 m (490 ft))

The tenth tallest building in Africa is South African Reserve Bank Building. It is 150 metres tall which is equal to 490 feet and it has 38 floors. It was built in 1988 and it is located in Pretoria, South Africa.

9. Pearl Dawn (152 m (499 ft))


The ninth tallest building is Pearl Dawn which is in Durban, South Africa. It was built in 2010 and has 31 floors. It is 152 metres tall which is equal to 490 feet.

8. Marble Towers (152 m (499 ft))

The eighth tallest building is Marble Towers in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was built in 1973 and is 152 metres tall which is equivalent to 499 feet. It has 32 floors.

6/7. PSPF Towers (153 m (502 ft))

The sixth and seventh tallest buildings are PSPF Towers. Tower A and Tower B which were constructed in 2014. It is located in Dar El Salaam, Tanzania and has a total of 35 floors. It is 153 metres tall which is equal to 502 feet.

5. NECOM House (160 m (520 ft))

The fifth tallest building is NECOM House which is located in Lagos, Nigeria. It was built in 1979 and it has 32 floors. It is 160 metres tall which is equal to 520 feet.

4. UAP Tower (163 m (535 ft))

The forth tallest building is UAP Towers in Nairobi, Kenya. It was built in 2016 and stands at 163 metres tall which is equal to 535 feet. It has a total number of 33 floors.

3. Ponte City Apartments (173 m (568 ft))

The third largest building in Africa is Ponte City Apartments which is in Johannesburg, South Africa. It was constructed in the year 1975 and it has 53 floors. It is 173 metres tall which is equal to 568 feet.

2. Britam Tower (200 m (660 ft))

The second largest building is Britam Towers which is located in Nairobi, Kenya. This building is 200 metres tall which is equal to 660 feet. It has 31 floors. It was built in the year 2017.

1. Carlton Centre (223 m (732 ft))

Since the year 1973, the tallest building in Africa has been in Johannesburg, South Africa. The building is called Carlton Centre and stands at 223 metres which is equivalent to 732 feet tall. It has a total of 50 floors.

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