Top 10 Strongest Brands 2016 In The World

As the year draws to a close, the latest list of the world’s top companies has been compiled not on performance figures, but on company valuation and ability to create high earnings based on branding across a range of different industries. Here are the top 10 strongest brands in reverse order.

10. General Electric (GE)


One can’t but help wonder if the high tech digital and software companies of today, still in their infancy, will be around in 100 years time. General Electric, now a conglomerate, was founded 124 years ago. Still heavily involved in all areas of energy generation, GE also has large interests in the management of that energy, domestic lighting and appliances, transport, healthcare, aviation, and commercial financial services.

9. Mercedes Benz


Another longstanding company, it became the famous German company Mercedes Benz, when it amalgamated with Daimler 90 years ago, although its origins go back to the late 19th century. Widely attributed to having patented the first petrol driven automobile, it is still the market leader for luxury cars and commercial vehicles. Heavily involved in F1, Mercedes won its first constructors championship in 2014. A feat which no doubt helped the company sell almost two-million cars in 2015. It remains today a division of Daimler AG.

8. Amazon


The first of the e-commerce sites in our reverse order top ten, Amazon was founded 22 years ago as Cadabra, by Jeff Bezos. Providing online retail services for four predominant consumer sets, buyers, sellers, various affiliate enterprises, and those involved in content creation. Through its international websites, Amazon concentrates on providing a service built on customer convenience, and the low pricing of a large selection of products. Its top selling Kindle e-reader allows the downloading of books, and the browsing of newspapers, magazines, and other digital material via the Kindle store.

7. Samsung Electronics


A South Korean company founded in 1938 as a general trading company, it was in the late 1960s it entered the electronics industry. Samsung Electronics was born in 1969, and the company began concentrating its activities globally in 1990. Samsung’s electronic arm encompasses IT, mobile phones and device solutions, all forms of consumer electronics and white goods, and digital medical devices. It is also heavily involved in the technology required to promote the Internet of Things.

6. IBM: International Business Machines Corp


Founded in 1911 as the Computing-Tabulating-Recording Company (CTR) it was renamed IBM in 1924. A company which has always been at the forefront of designing cutting edge IT, albeit more so for the commercial sector, it is a brand that is recognised the world over. Although it has suffered mixed fortunes in recent years with its value dropping steadily since 2013, it has, year on year, and including 2016, generated more patents than any other company.

5. Toyota


Toyota is involved in all aspects of the motor industry from the manufacture of vehicles, parts, and accessories, to the sale of its cars, vans, and commercial vehicles. It is also involved in developing Intelligent Transport Systems, prefabricated buildings, and a range of other IT related platforms and products.

4. Microsoft


What can be said about Microsoft? The company was launched in 1975 to develop the BASIC programming language for the Altair 8800. Its rise to prominence began with the personal computer operating system MS-DOS, which was then followed by Windows. Involved in all areas of personal and business computing, Microsoft’s revenues have risen steadily since 2012.

3. Coca-Cola


Operating through its agents across the globe, Coca-Cola is the world’s largest producer of soft drinks. Although Coke is the original and best known product, the company has over 500 brands of soft drinks to quench the thirst of children and adults worldwide.

2. Google


Love it or hate it, you can’t get away from the fact Google is the world leader in search engine technology. Synonymous with information searches, everybody ‘Google’s it’ these days in much the same way as they get out the ‘Hoover’, rather than the vacuum cleaner. Although the company has been busy buying up robotics companies, its prime objective remains providing fast, high quality, and accurate search results across all borders.

1. Apple Inc


Sitting at number one, Apple is the world’s largest information technology company by income and assets. It is also the second largest mobile phone manufacturer. Producing and marketing a large range of digital products the company is also involved in domestic and commercial software applications and operating systems across the world.