It’s a fact that famous people are often short. The group that stands out most are the female singers. Lady Gaga, Christina Aguilera, Fergie they are shorter than 160 cm. What could be an explanation? You often hear that short people look better on camera. Another explanation for female singers could be the Tinker Bell Syndrome:

The believe that infantilising of small women can breed a sense of resentment and rebellion that makes them more ambitious and more flamboyant than average-sized females. ‘It’s likely that being small could result in a woman developing a Tinker Bell complex. Certainly it explains why we have so many famous examples of tiny women who are larger than life.’

10. Fergie – 5ft 2.5 (159 cm)

9. Amy Winehouse – 5ft 2 (157 cm)

“I’m only 5ft 2in. I’m really not that scary. I’m only little”.

8. Shakira – 5ft 2 (157 cm)

7. Avril Lavigne – 5ft 1.5 (156 cm)

6. Christina Aguilera – 5ft 1.5 (156 cm)

5. Hilary Duff 5ft 1 (155 cm)

4. Lady Gaga 5ft 1 (155 cm)

3. Kylie Minogue – 5ft 0 (152 cm)

2. Dolly Parton – 5ft 0 (152 cm)

1. Lil’Kim – 4 ft 9.5 (146 cm)

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