As one of the biggest video games of all time, League of Legends is clearly doing something right. However, let’s forget about the intense gameplay and its addictive eSports scene for a minute – where the game really excels is the very pleasing aesthetics of some of its sexy female champions.

10. Janna

Taking the role of a support champion in the bottom lane, Janna is one of the subtly sexier characters. Not as in-your-face as other champions in the game, Janna sports a tasteful minimalistic outfit which shows all the right curves in all the right places. Her long slender body is hard to ignore as her long flowing hair whips around her seductively in the harsh winds she conjures up.

9. Sheriff Caitlyn

The sheriff of Piltover is here to pull out the handcuffs and chain her foes down. An attack damage carry, Caitlyn has the potential to lead a team to victory if she isn’t dealt with. Caitlyn shines best with the Sheriff Caitlyn skin – it features a full leather get up (including high boots), a tight revealing vest and short tight panties.

8. Heartseeker Vayne

Vayne is the second of many attack damage champions to make our list. Using her insane mobility she can dash from one side of the lane to the other – avoiding attacks and keeping her pursuers at range – or to her targets within reach. When wearing the Heartseeker Vayne skin though, she is guaranteed more pursuers. While she might not be as voluptuous as many others on our list, she still has a lot to offer. Her sexy red glasses give her a hot secretary look which is hard to keep your eyes off.

7. Morgana

The second support to make our list is the fallen angel, Morgana. This champion uses her snares and shields to help her team out of tricky situations, but her stunning angel wings are not the only impressive asset she has. With an outfit that shows more skin than it covers, Morgana leaves zero to the imagination, displaying her busty chest and slim torso. It’s unnerving just how tantalizing the undead can be.

6. Masquerade Evelynn

Able to merge with the shadows at will, Evelynn patiently stalks her prey, waiting for the right moment to strike. What makes this lethal woman even sexier is the kinky masquerade skin which shows off more flesh than you could ever want. Filling in the jungle position, she never stays in one lane for long, ducking in and out assisting with kills. With a get up like this, you’ll want her to come visit your lane again, and again, and again.

5. Kitty Cat Katarina

Bouncing around from enemy to enemy, Katarina can sure pack some devastation. An assassin middle laner, she performs best when the enemy team is bunched up nice and close where she can spam her abilities and lay waste to them all. This saucy minx shows off her flare best in her Kitty Cat Katarina skin. Dressed up as a furry cat, who doesn’t love a girl in costume and ready to pounce?

4. Heartseeker Ashe

Ashe is the second champion on our list to be sporting a Heartseeker skin. An attack damage champion, Ashe the Frost Archer is normally found in the bottom lane under the protection of a support. Keeping with the Heartseeker theme, the red thigh high stockings, short red mini skirt and tight corset means that Ashe has what it takes to win the heart of any one she chooses.

3. Arcade Miss Fortune

Another attack damage carry to grace our list, this bounty hunter makes everything she does look sexy. Carrying her two pistols, Miss Fortune can lay waste to single targets easily with her critical hits and fast attack speed. However, she shines best with the Arcade Miss Fortune skin. With a mini skirt which is almost non-existent and a tight vest squeezing everything nicely, it’s hard to keep your eyes off her long enough to escape her clutches.

2. Nurse Akali

When it comes to sexy champions it doesn’t get much hotter than sexy nurse Akali. A middle lane burst assassin, Akali can hide in the shroud of darkness before jumping on weaker enemies and demolishing their health. With thigh high stockings and a short nurse outfit which leaves nothing to the imagination, she’s a fetish pleasing treat.

1. French Maid Nidalee

Nidalee is a bestial huntress who can change from wild cougar to wild woman. Usually found in the middle lane, she can throw a spear from afar before following up with a pounce with her sharp claws. This wildcat is every man’s dreams come true when she using the French Maid Nidalee skin. Not only does she have the tight black and white maid’s outfit, she also comes with fish net stockings to match. She definitely has the spirit of the cougar.

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