Top 10 Romantic (Comedy) Movies 2013

From stoner comedies, animations and horror movies to thrillers, action and drama, there are always a variety of options for movie lovers who just can’t stay away from the cinema halls. When it comes to real entertainment however, nothing beats romantic comedies. Romcoms come with those heart-stopping moments, yet at the same time, you just can’t help but laugh your heart out as you watch them. Here is a compilation of the top ten best romantic comedies of 2013 that are worth checking out in the theaters:

10. The Big Wedding


The Big Wedding is about a modern family that tries to go past a wedding celebration that almost turns into a full blown family disaster. Ellie and Don try to play a happy couple just to make their son’s wedding a success and to also deal with the presence of their adopted son’s mother who unexpectedly decides to attend the event. Don and Ellie find themselves in a situation where they have to confront each other about their past and future without killing each other while at it.

9. Admission

Admission is an amazingly entertaining movie that mixes comedy with romance. The film director (Paul Weitz) is also known for the role he played in the production of About a Boy. Tina Fey and Paul Rudd play as Portia and Pressman in the movie, and they take the leading roles where they eventually end up dating after going through numerous obstacles connected to issues about a baby Portia put up for adoption years ago. The movie has quite likeable leads and it’s certainly worth a look.

8. Bagage Claim

Baggage Claim

Of all 2013 romantic comedies, this movie has the most captivating storyline with a great cast and a remarkable script to boot. The story here is about the Moore’s who believe a lady is only a lady when she is married and has at least two children. Montana is not married, neither does she have kids and her prospects seem to be very few. Montana’s younger sister Sheree is already getting engaged to a doctor-to-be while her mother is just about to get her fifth husband. Montana decides she will go to all lengths to get a suitor, and she therefore takes a 30 day expedition in pursuit of her goals.

7. Austenland


Well received due to its incredibly entertaining aspects, Austenland is a romantic comedy based on Shannon Hale’s novel Austenland. The story concerns Jane Hayes, an average woman who has an obsession with Darcy, a man she can only fantasize about. She accidently lets her aunt in on this and when her aunt dies, she leaves her a great trip; a trip to a Jane Austen themed destination(Austenland).This is where Jane hopes to find her own Mr. Darcy and true to that, she does meet a man in whom she develops a romantic interest.

6. I Give it a Year

I Give it a Year

At the start, you may mistake this movie for the perfect story of love at first sight, where a couple decides to marry six months after they meet. Nat and Josh go through numerous struggles and many are skeptical that their marriage will last. This turns out true when Josh’s old flame Chloe comes into the picture. Despite the attempts they make to work on their marriage, Nat and Josh eventually break up with each of them pursuing their love interests: Guy for Nat and Chloe for Josh.

5. A Case of You

A Case of You

A Case of You is all about the internet and what it can do for your love life. Here, a young writer(Sam) chooses to go after Birdie(the girl of his dreams) while using the profile she has set up online –on Facebook – to figure out what he can do to win her over. He then goes ahead to create a fake profile that makes him appear as a perfect match for Birdie. He eventually tracks her down, and tries to be the person that he is not to get her love. With such a strategy, Sam is obviously doomed for failure.

4. Warm Bodies


Despite being a story that is mainly about a zombie and a mortal human, Warm Bodies has a great love story integrated into the plot and this is precisely why it’s top on the list. It’s also a movie that both men and women can enjoy. Directed by Jonathan Levine, this movie was based on the novel Warm Bodies by Isaac Marion, and the story revolves around the relationship between a Zombie called R (played by Nicholas Hoult) and a young woman –Julie (Teresa Palmer) –with the unfolding of events brought out from the Zombie’s point of view. The fact that R portrays human characteristics makes the movie even more interesting, seeing as he eventually becomes alive after he fully bonds with Julie.

3. Don Jon

Don Jon (2013) Writer/Director Joseph Gordon-Levitt  and Scarlett Johansson

Gordon-Levitt and Scarlett Johansson star in Don Jon and this is just one of the must-see 2013 romantic comedies. While production of the film began in 2008, it premiered in January 2013 before its release in September. Gordon-Levitt also doubled up as the film director, and while many would have expected the two roles to weigh down on him, he actually did great as both a star and a director. The movie is touching, funny, smart and well scripted and this explains why it has been a favorite among all movie goers.

2. Enough Said


This romantic comedy stars James Gandolfini, Julia Louis-Dreyfuas, Toby Huss, Toni Collette and Catherine Keener. The film has ranked well in just about all movie reviews, getting a 96 percent score in rotten tomatoes and significantly high scores in other review websites. The plot is centered on a woman who happens to get two new friends at the same time, a man in whom she has a romantic interest, and a woman who happens to be the same man’s former spouse. When she finds out that the two acquaintances were actually dating before, she finds herself with tough choices to make following the information she gathers from each one of them.

1. About Time

about Time

About Time is a film that was very much praised, particularly for the chemistry portrayed between the two main characters Tim Lake and Mary (Domhall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams). For most parts of the story, Tim uses his ability to time travel to get Mary and make other things work to his advantage as well. However, even with these abilities, there’s one thing he cannot change –his father’s terminal illness. When his father eventually passes away, Tim keeps time travelling to stay in touch and share old memories. Towards the end though, he has to stop doing this for the sake of his newborn baby and his family; he has to live a day at a time, and spend each moment like it was his last.

There weren’t too many romantic comedies released in 2013, but with all these great films, it’s obvious that the genre has been alive; only in less conventional ways. A girl fell in love with a zombie, some characters let go their supernatural abilities for the sake of love and family and others had to abide by family traditions in order to find real love. Regardless of such issues however, one thing is clear; none of these movies is getting dropped off anytime soon.