When you are thinking of the most everyday useful items, a knife is certainly one of them. If you are choosing a nicely designed pocket knife, it can last a lifetime. You don’t need to be a working handyman or a survivalist to appreciate the wide range of everyday applications of a pocket knife. From slicing food to opening packages and beyond, the uses are simply endless. With many options available, it can be overwhelming for you to choose the right ones. Here we have listed the top 10 pocket knivesthat you would like to consider. This will help you to get a better idea of what you need.

1 Kershaw Link

If you are looking forward to a blade with quick deployment, choosing a spring-assisted knife is certainly going to be your best bet. The Kershaw Link pop up the blade opens in no time. This one-handed operation is quite a pleasing experience even if you are doing it using your non-dominant hand. As far as performance is concerned, the carbon steel will meet your expectations. The knife is best suited for fine detailing work.

2 Buck Knife

For a classic look and style, you cannot go wrong with a Buck Knife. The design may give you an old-age feel, but the modern touches make it stand out. A few advanced features include a one-handed opening and closing, a pocket clip, and a nicely designed handle. Overall, the built is durable enough to serve you for years to come. The Buck model is one of the best purchases you can consider.

3 Swiss Army knife

Every Swiss Army Knife is classic in its unique way. One of the best features of this knife is its versatility. It’s an all-in-one option you can opt for. You will get multiple screwdrivers, two knife blades, tweezers, scissors, bottle openers, and much more. Isn’t that amazing? Some of the models can be heavier, though you can also choose the lighter and practical blade with limited options.

4 Benchmade Knife

Benchmade is referred to as the innovative technique of assembling components by hand. These knives come with a balanced lightweight and firmness to be conveniently carried around when you are out and about. From little whittling to the use in wilderness and campsite, they make a perfect EDC. They are typically available in standard forms and heavy-duty military ones as well. The superior quality and price reflect its quality.

5 Spyderco Folding Knife

Spyderco is another popular knife brand. These knives are known for their signature outlook and a curved hole nearby the foundation of the blade. The high carbon steel makes for a premium blend of robustness and edge retention. The blade settles into the fiberglass-protected nylon handle and the entire knife comes with a low profile. Also, there is a compression lock on the spine of the handle for safety and ease of use. If you are looking forward to a knife that is compact enough to be easily carried around, the Spyderco folding blade is a winning choice.

6 Gerber Legendary Blade

The ultralight Gerber Blade is all you need when you are set for a multi-day trek. The light-duty use allows precise cuts and easy skinning and cleaning. Even with the low weight, the ergonomics do just absolutely fine. With enhanced control, you can easily maximize the cutting power. Lightweight and durable built will help you get the job perfectly done. These qualities won’t limit any of the utility. It is one of the best recommendations you will want to consider.

7 SOG Knife

Even if you have not used this knife before, you will still find it a very practical option for ease of usability. You can conveniently open and close it single-handedly. The blade flips the blade out smoothly and cleanly as soon as you put your forefinger on the tab whereas the thumb sliding the lock brings it back quickly into place. Overall the steel blade comes with the excellent edge retention and resistance quality.

8 Folding Hunter Knife

These knives are an all-time classic. The upgraded models feature traditional clip points with somewhat less curve on the spine which results in more practicality. These knives are equipped with a lightweight yet durable handle along with the overall built. At the same time, the edge retention capability is quite impressive. You may find it slightly complex to use in the beginning. With consistent practice, you will soon get pro at it.

9 Military Style Pocket Knife

The military-style blades typically come with a drop-point blade. It is one of the most practical items you must have in your EDC kit. The liner lock and thumb studs add up to more utility. Even if the spring wears out, you can still open and close the knife similar to a non-assisted knife. The military blades are commonly equipped with stainless steel since they are durable, easy to sharpen, and corrosion-resistant. For an all-around option, get your hands on this knife. Are you ready for some survival hacks?

10 CRKT Bona Fide Blade  

The CRKT Bona Fide Knife tends to be larger and heavier and makes for a great choice for a variety of outdoor tasks. The blade deploys quickly and smoothly for incredible performance. Here we would mention the lock that securely gets into place without any waggling. In terms of performance, it won’t disappoint you. The toughness of the blade and its durability makes it stand out among the crowd. It’s a tool for every preference and budget.

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