All teenagers are a little strange… it’s just something everyone goes through in that stage of life. But some kids out there would actually be worthy the label “bizarre”. Some for doing extraordinary things, others for suffering from very unusual conditions; we have compiled this article that presents to you 10 teens who are so unusual you just won’t believe they exist.

10. Julia Vins

Julia Vins is extraordinary because she worked very hard towards her passion, which happened to be body building. This 19 year old teenager looks just like a doll, until you look beyond her face… then you notice her gigantic muscles, and colossal arms and shoulders that would scare a professional wrestler. Julia is the living proof that you can be extremely tough and strong and still look like an angel!

9. Ellen Lietzow

If there was a world record for anorexia, Ellen Lietzow would likely qualify. This teenager decided not to eat or drink for a long time, because she felt that would help her become popular. She did get a lot of public attention, although arguably for the wrong reasons. At age 17, she was rushed to the hospital when she collapsed in school, after a full week with absolutely no nourishment or hydration.

8. Hunter Steinitz

Many people who come across Hunter Steinitz assume this teenager was a burn victim… but in fact she suffers from something even worse. She has a rare condition callled “harlequin ichthyosis” which makes all of her skin turn very thick, red and dry. It got so bad she became unable to close her eyes and her hair stopped growing because her follicles were blocked… she also cannot sweat, which leads to many secondary problems.

7. Mahendra Ahirwar

Mahendra Ahirwar was an Indian boy who also suffered from a terrible rare condition… fortunately modern medicine was able to help him lead a normal life. At age 13, he was afflicted with such severe congenital myopathy that his neck turned 180º from the normal position. He was turned down by 50 local doctors until eventually a successful crowd-funding helped him find a surgeon who was able to operate on his neck.

6. Nihal Bitla

Nihal Bitla really didn’t look like a teenager at all when he passed away at age 15. He suffered from a condition called progeria, which made him age at eight times the normal pace. This disease made him look like an old man before he became a teenager, while leaving him with a normal child’s mind. Although he sadly died much too soon, his story raised awareness of this terrible disease.

5. Fu Wengui

Fu Wengui was a 15 year old teenager from china who also suffered from a very unusual malformation that affected his neck, making it unusually long as well as causing him terrible pain. He had three extra vertebra in the spine, which eventually had to be removed to allow him to lead a peaceful and pain-free life.

4. Ciera Swaringen

Sara Swaringen is a teenager from North Carolina (USA) who has a rare condition called Giant Congenital Melanocytic Nevus, which only affects in in 1/2 million people. This condition made her grow tens of thousands of moles all over her body, giving her a very unusual dotted skin. Ciera refused to be put down by her condition and decided to stand up for herself and proud of her body, rather than looking for treatment.

3. Lucy and Maria Aylmer

Lucy and Maria Aylmer are twin sisters from Gloucester (England), but you really wouldn’t think so. Born to a half Jamaican mother and a white father, the girls each drew from opposite ends of the genetic pool. Lucy is a ginger with notably light skin, while Maria looks almost black with her extremely tight curls and very dark skin. You would be hard pressed to find twins who look as different as these girls!

2. Isa-Bella Leclair

Isa-Bella Leclair is another inspiring teenager who refused to be put down by her deformities. She has a condition called Parkes Weber Syndrome, which caused her right leg to grow and swell to more than twice the size of her left leg. The doctors warned her mother that she might never be able to walk, but her strong will proved otherwise. To this day, she keeps inspiring people all around the world with her positive attitude.

1. Abigail & Brittany Hensel

Abigail Loraine Hensel and Britany Lee Hensel are two American girls who were born as conjoined twins – meaning their bodies have merged while keeping their heads separate. They each control half of the body, which is packed with a pair of each organ even though it looks strikingly normal and symmetrical from the neck down. These twins effectively look like a normal person with two heads, and they have raised much attention in the scientific community and beyond – they even starred in their own reality series in 2012.

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