Top 10 Most Disliked Videos On Youtube

Nowadays, we’re always hearing about the latest Youtube sensation. But as well as a handy “Like” button, Youtube also lets users click “Dislike”, and this is where the real bitchiness starts. Read on to find out which music artists (and one politician) have produced the most disliked videos on Youtube.

10. Justin Bieber – Boyfriend

It might be fair to say that Justin Bieber polarizes music fans, at least on Youtube. As well as scoring the number one most disliked video on Youtube for “Baby,” Justin has squeezed in at number ten with “Boyfriend.” Justin still looks childlike in this one, but at least he gets to drive a rather nice car.

9. Rebecca Black – My Moment

Rebecca Black’s “My Moment” was released shortly after her huge anti-hit “Friday,” and both songs earn her a place in the top ten most hated Youtube videos. A user comments debate rages about whether Rebecca uses autotune on her voice, but whether she is talented or not, she’s certainly made an impact.

8. Nicki Minaj – Stupid Hoe

Apparently, Nicki Minaj released “Stupid Hoe” as a musical get at Lil Kim, and Lil Kim released a diss song in return. Only Nicki’s song makes it into the top ten most disliked Youtube videos, though. The song and the video are definitely angry and intense. As one user comments “Oh gosh, the army probably uses this to torture people!”

7. Rick Perry – Strong

Seventh on the list of the most disliked videos on Youtube is this one from former presidential hopeful Rick Perry, in which he attempts to engage with Christian voters. User comments are disabled, so it’s difficult to see what Youtube viewers actually thought of this 30 second glossy campaign video from 2012. Dislikes may have been for the man himself or his policies, but nonetheless it’s impressive that three years later it is still on the list of most disliked Youtube videos.

6. Nicki Minaj – Anaconda

Nicky Minaj scores about twice as many likes as dislikes for her “Anaconda” video. Nonetheless, “Anaconda” is still the sixth most disliked video on Youtube. On further investigation, the reason is obvious; the video is filled with buxom ladies doing aerobics and other activities in very small shorts. Clearly, some users find this naughty while others find it nice.

5. Miley Cyrus – We Can’t Stop

Miley Cyrus first position in the list with the visually bizarre video for her song “We Can’t Stop.” A man making a skull out of french fries, creepy digital faces and Miley playing a dancing bear, in addition to the more standard scenes of Miley writhing on a bed while wearing small clothes, make this one worth watching just for the experience.

4. Miley Cyrus – Wrecking Ball

Miley Cyrus’ controversial video for Wrecking Ball appears at number four. Wrecking Ball appears in both the top ten most disliked and the top ten most liked Youtube videos. Since growing up, Miley’s antics have hit the headlines across the world, and this video depicting her naked while riding a wrecking ball was a news item in itself.

3. Psy – Gangnam Style

The famously catchy and arguably irritating Gangam Style is the third most disliked Youtube video, and also one of the top ten most liked. Youtubers are still commenting enthusiastically, in mixed outrage and wonder, that a third of the world’s population has now viewed this video. It’s debatable whether they will all remember the moves, though.

2. Rebecca Black – Friday

Rebecca Black’s 2011 video for “Friday” has clocked up over 1.5 million dislikes. Her song was mocked across the globe, and is still going strong at second in the list of most disliked Youtube videos. A recent comment claims that playing “Friday” loudly in African hospitals will cause “The Ebola [to] kill there selfs”.

1. Justin Bieber – Baby

Teen pop star Justin Bieber is the proud owner of the number one disliked video on Youtube, for his “Baby”, also appearing in the top ten most liked list. This video still fires up both Beliebers and Bieber-haters, although a recent comment on the video’s page says “anyone just come here to see the number of dislikes?”