Top 10 Most Beautiful Paolo Nutini Songs

Paolo Nutini is a Scottish singer, songwriter and musician. Nutini’s debut album, These Streets (2006), peaked at number three on the UK Albums Chart. Its follow-up, Sunny Side Up (2009), debuted at number one on the UK Albums Chart. After 5 years, Nutini released his third studio album, Caustic Love, also debuting at number one on the UK Album Charts. In late July 2014, he was referred to by the BBC as “arguably Scotland’s biggest musician right now”. There are his top 10 best songs.

1. Iron Sky

2. New Shoes

3. Last Request

4. Better Man

5. Jenny Dont Be Hasty

6. Scream (Funk my life up)

7. Let Me Down Easy

8. Pencil Full Of Lead

9. Coming Up Easy

10. These Streets

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