Kylie Minogue, hailing from Melbourne in Australia, has released 69 singles and holds the distinction of being the most successful Australian musician in terms of record sales.

10. Locomotion

Locomotion, Kylie Minogue’s debut single, was released in 1987 and shot to the number one position in the Australian charts while reaching number eight in the New Zealand charts. The success of this rendition of the song, written in the early 1960s by American lyricists Gerry Goffin and Carol King, propelled Kylie onto the world stage and opened doors to a successful musical career.

9. Got to Be Certain

Got to Be Certain was the second single to be released from Kylie’s debut album in 1988 and got to number one in the Australian charts while settling at number two in the UK charts. This uplifting 1980s-style electronic Dance-pop track remains a positive and catchy tune to this day.

8. I Should Be So Lucky

I Should Be So Lucky, hitting the shelves in 1987, was Minogue’s second single as well as her first to be written and produced by the Stock-Aitken-Waterman partnership. The song, a mid-tempo bubblegum number set in C Major and proceeding at mid-tempo pace, reached number one in five countries and afforded the young artist international fame.

7. Better the Devil You Know

Better the Devil You Know, released in 1990, represented a shift in Kylie’s musical style towards the new production values associated with Electronic Dance Music that was coming to define the general soundscape of the early 1990s. This dance anthem remains one of Minogue’s most popular numbers amongst fans.

6. Confide in Me

Confide in Me, released in 1994 and reaching number one in the Australian charts, marked a departure from Minogue’s earlier bubblegum pop offerings and heralded a more mature and sophisticated new sound. The track, produced by Brothers in Rhythm and taken from Kylie’s self-titled album, contained elements of Middle Eastern music that bestowed the song with a mystical sound that added to the allure of the singer’s vocal performance.

5. On A Night Like This

On A Night Like This, combining elements of Disco and Dance-pop, was released in 2000 and reached number one in the Australian charts and got to number two in the UK charts. The overall feel of the song, which explores romantic themes set against a nocturnal backdrop, is both melancholic and euphoric with the underlying sentiments within the track reaching a crescendo in the powerful chorus.

4. In Your Eyes

In Your Eyes, taken from 2001’s Fever album, is a solid Dance-pop track that got to number one in the Australian and number two in the UK singles charts. This catchy Dance number features high production values and a memorable chorus.

3. Slow

Slow, the first single to be released from the 2003 Body Language album, is a Synthpop track featuring some smooth and sensual vocals set before a minimalist techno backdrop. The song, peaking at number one in the Australian and UK charts, received high praise from music critics and has been described by Kylie herself as the song from her musical back-catalogue that she is most satisfied with.

2. Spinning Around

Spinning Around, produced by Mike Spencer and released from the Light Years album in 2000, was well-received by the music-listening public and became a staple of Kylie’s live performances over the coming years. After reaching number one in the UK and Australian singles charts the song has endured the test of time and become something of a classic.

1. Can’t Get You Out of My Head

Can’t Get You Out of My Head, an infectious Dance-pop anthem released in 2001 and famous for its “la-la-la” hook, marked a high-water mark in Minogue’s career and is widely regarded as the performer’s signature song. The track, produced by Cathy Dennis and Rob Davis, went multi-platinum and attained number one position in the singles charts of no less than ten countries.

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