Jennifer Lopez is one of the most famous female singers today and is known for her powerful songs and sexy dancing style. Jennifer Lopez’s music covers a number of different styles including Latin pop, dance and R&B and since launching here singing career in 1999 she has had numerous hits. Here are the top ten.

10. Ain’t It Funny

9. Get Right

This catchy tune reached number one in the United Kingdom and really allows Jennifer Lopez to show off her impressive range to the full.

8. Love Don’t Cost a Thing

This song reached number three when it was released in 2001 and features Latin tones that really strike a chord. While it may not be as deep as some of Jennifer Lopez’s other songs, ‘Love Don’t Cost a Thing’ is certainly catchy and is sure to get you in the groove.

7. I’m Real

This controversial song rocked the number one slot on the pop charts for a total of five weeks. This is an engaging and sexy pop song that many people can relate to and really have fun with.

6. Jenny From the Block

Although she might be a millionaire these days, Jennifer Lopez certainly didn’t start out that way and has to work hard for everything she has earned. This fun pop tune is sure to get people up on the dance floor whenever it is played and its hip hop tones add a little sex to what is really all about a diva attempting to reconnect with her fans.

5. Let’s Get Loud

This stirring song was written by Gloria Estefan and proved to be the perfect match for Jennifer Lopez’s fiery Latin style infused with touched of pop. Although it missed the mark in the pop charts, Let’s Get Loud was a huge hit among lovers of Latin music and showed Lopez’s commitment to standing by her Latin roots.

4. Dance Again featuring Pitbull

One of the things that makes Jennifer Lopez great is that while she is not afraid to try new things, she knows what works for her. A year after her success with On the Floor, Lopez teamed up with Pitbull for one more dance pop hit that quickly rose to the top ten of the iTunes sales chart.

3. If You Had My Love

This was Jennifer Lopez’s first single and it was an instant hit. This silky smooth pop song earned Lopez the number 1 spot on the pop charts back in 1999 and presented the diva as the perfect pop princess who both demanded to be desired and respected for her amazing voice and controlled style.

2. Waiting for Tonight

This vibrant song earned Jennifer Lopez a nomination for Best Dance Recording at the Grammy Awards and reached number 8 on the pop singles chart. The sexy salsa opening really strikes a chord and invites music lovers to take to the dance floor and try to imitate Jennifer Lopez’s sexy dance moves.

1. On the Floor featuring Pitbull

In 2011 Jennifer Lopez stepped back into the spotlight with this catchy and dynamic song. The sexy collaboration with Pitbull added a little spice to the mix and helped the single to sold more than eight million copies worldwide in 2011 alone. The video is one of the most popular Youtube videos ever

Of course, this is just a small selection of Jennifer Lopez’s hits. One of the great things about this fiery singer and performer is that her style is constantly evolving, which makes her someone worth watching, no matter what she chooses to do.

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