Whether wafting seductively out of a bottle as the most famous genie in TV history, or rising like Aphrodite from the waves in a revealing white bikini, these are the top 10 unforgettable screen goddesses who made your grandpa’s heart beat a little faster.

10. Barbara Eden

As exotic and seductive as a belly dancer in her famous “Jeannie” outfit, Barbara Eden was the world’s favourite wish-granting enchantress in “I Dream of Jeannie”, the TV series in which the hapless Larry Hagman fell head over heels for the charms of a sexy genie in a bottle. Beautiful, talented and versatile actress Barbara still wows the fans with her outstanding beauty, especially those who remember her with nostalgia as Jeannie.

9. Raquel Welch


Wearing nothing more than a fur bikini and a lot of attitude, Raquel Welch turned the tables on wannabee cavemen by stunning them with her gorgeous face and form before dragging them off by the metaphorical hair in the movie “One Million Years BC.” Welch has always figured highly in the lists of “most desirable” women, and to her beauty and statuesque form can be added her strength of mind, determination and intelligence.

8. Bettie Page

Mention Bettie Page to Gramps and watch him go misty-eyed and dumbstruck as he recalls one of history’s most memorable and indeed, notorious, pin-ups. Few have ever matched the sheer sexual power of the pale skin, blue, blue eyes and black hair of Bettie Page. Definitely not the girl-next-door type (unless you have very outrageous neighbours), if La Page were in her prime today, “50 Shades” would pale in comparison.

7. Jane Fonda

Smart, sassy and savvy, Jane Fonda is nobody’s fool. A member of one of Hollywood’s elite acting dynasties and star of many memorable movies, she is probably best remembered for her role as the eponymous out-of-this-world heroine in the movie “Barbarella.” Space suits were given instant sex appeal and Barbarella’s tantalising hints at futuristic fantasies had grandpa hot under his (synthetic and shiny) collar.

6. Ursula Andress

The first – and some would say, unsurpassed – Bond girl, Ursula Andress rose from the waves in her white bikini, knife at belt, as Honey Rider in “Dr No”. Andress is the divine beach babe, appearing in “Fun in Acapulco” with Elvis, as well as Aphrodite in “Clash of Titans.” Her cool and Olympian beauty still epitomises the distant love goddess who had every man her devoted slave back in the 60s.

5. Audrey Hepburn

In contrast, the elfin and coquettish Audrey Hepburn couldn’t fail to bring out the dapper cane-twirling protective gent in a man. Lively, funny, and above all, stylish, Hepburn was the chic urbanite of movies, bringing a particular brand of European charm to even her most famous role as the American Holly Golightly in “Breakfast at Tiffany’s”.

4. Elizabeth Taylor


Earthy, passionate and stunningly beautiful, Elizabeth Taylor could overwhelm a man with one glance of her famously violet eyes. As Cleopatra, she conquered Richard Burton and thus began one of history’s stormiest and lustiest romances. Demanding and volatile though she was, Elizabeth Taylor was a woman that no man would ever forget.

3. Jayne Mansfield


Blonde bombshell Jayne Mansfield was the woman your grandma would have dragged grandpa across the road to avoid. Stacked with so much sex-appeal it was almost a crime, Jayne was no dumb blonde – she had a high IQ and was a talented linguist.

2. Brigitte Bardot

If beauty were a card game, then Brigitte Bardot bluffed, raised, called and won. Like Fonda, she was one of the new liberated, lissom and gorgeous ’60s generation. Plus, she was French – might just as well throw those card hands in, ladies.

1. Marilyn Monroe

So much has been written of the world’s most famous screen goddess and yet Marilyn Monroe still retains her mystery. Who was the real Marilyn – the talented actress and comedienne whose versatility is clearly visible in her many successful films, or the huskily whispering seductress singing “Happy Birthday, Mr President“? Perhaps it’s the enduring mystery of Monroe that means “Some Like it Hot” as far as Grandpa’s generation is concerned.

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