Top 10 Hottest Female Atlethes in the World (2019)

A list in which we do not look at sports performance, but only at who puts the sexiest photos on Instagram!

10. Allison Stokke

Search the internet for a list of the sexiest atlethes and you will find the name of pole vault star Allison Stokke. All thanks to one photo that went ‘viral’ in 2007. She wasn’t really happy then, she wanted to be judged by her sport and not her appearance.

9. Genie Bouchard

A lot was expected from the Canadian Genie Bouchard. In 2014, only 20 years old she was in the final of Wimbledon. In recent years she has struggled to find her shape and even fell out of the top 100. Fortunately her instagram photos still score many likes!

8. Anastasia Ashley

Anastasia Ashley is a professional surfer. Not the absolute top, but she is doing pretty well. And as a model, she is at the absolute top with 1 million Instagram followers .

7. Michelle Jenneke

Just like Allison Stokke, Michelle Jenneke became famous through a viral video on the internet. In 2012, a clip of her warm-up, in which she loosens her hips in a very sexy manner, became a big hit. Jenneke has not yet achieved any major successes, but we hope to see her again warming up at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo.

6. Paige Spiranac – Golf (Amerika)

Perhaps it has become apparent that the list of most beautiful atles does not necessarily include the most successful athletes. That also applies for Paige Spiranac, a golfer from America. Her biggest succes are her sexy videos in tight and short dresses at Instagram .

5. Winifer Fernandez – Volleybal ( Dominicaanse Republiek)

Winifer Fernandez is a volleyball star from the Dominican Republic, and Winifer also became famous through a video on YouTube. It was claimed that she would participate in the 2016 Olympic Games (which was not the case) and appeared in all kinds of lists of the most beautiful athletes at the 2016 Olympics.

4. Jaqueline Carvalho – Volleybal (Brazilië)

The Brazilian volleyball player Jaqueline Carvalho is very successful as an athlete. She won twice with Brazil in a Gold medal at the Games, both in 2008 and in 2012. Who knows, maybe we can enjoy the beautiful Jaqueline Carvalho again in 2020?

3. Darya Klishina – Verspringster (Rusland)

The Russian long jump Darya Klishina has twice become European champion and participated in the Games in Rio. There is a good chance that she can be seen again in Tokyo in 2020 and possibly participate for medals.

2. Yuliya Levchenko – Hoogspringster (Oekraïne)

High jump star Yuliya Levchenko from Ukraine is a very big talent. At the younger championships she already won many prizes and who knows she can shine at the Games in Rio!

1. Alica Schmidt – Hardloopster (Duitsland)

The German runner Alica Schmidt is only 20 years old and still has a whole future ahead of her. She has not yet achieved great success. What she does have is a contract with Puma and many thousands of followers on Instagram who enjoy her sexy photos.