Top 10 Hottest Cameron Diaz Movie Scenes

Cameron Diaz hasn’t acted in a movie since 2014. Is she retired? We sure hope not! Cameron was one of the hottest actresses of the 90s and 00s and in one of her latest movies, “Sex Tape” she was still smoking hot!

Cameron Diaz debuted in 1994 in The Mask wearing the hottest red dress we have ever seen

She also wore this silver dress in “The Mask”

In 1998 There’s Something about Mary we can spie on her when she puts on her shirt

Cameron doesn’t need a bra!

She was the sexiest of the three Charlies Angels

She also showed she has a lot of humor (and a fine ass) in Charlies Angels

The fine ass is also apparent in this bikini scene

In the Sweetest Thing she does naughty things with Christina Applegate

In the same film she also checks her bikini

In the film Bad Teacher she washes a car in a very sexy manner

And of course in a movie called “sextape” you cannot not appear naked