The landscape of Africa is beautiful and versatile. Here you will find rippling rivers, large sandy plains and impressively high mountains. Are you curious about the largest and most beautiful mountain peaks that Africa has to offer? You read it in the top 10 highest mountains in Africa.

10. Mount Choqa – 4,100 meters high

In the Ethiopian region of Goijam you will find the impressively high mountain Mount Choqa. The mountain overlooks Lake Tana, but the nature on the mountain is quite limited. Here you will not find dense forests, but countless villages and other settlements. Up to a height of 3,000 meters, the inhabitants of this region use the mountain as their home, which provides a special view.

9. Mount Guna – 4,120 meters high

Mount Guna is also a mountain that you will find in Ethiopia. It is a few meters higher than Mount Choqa and is the highest point in the southern part of Gondar. The mountain is an important resource for the country, as several rivers start here. This water all flows down and then ripples on to Lake Tana, which was created by these sources. In most parts of Ethiopia, residents depend on the fresh water provided by the rivers on Mount Guna.

8. Toubkal – 4,167 meters high


The Toubkal is part of the Atlas Mountains and is in Morocco. The mountain top is located in the southwest of the country and is the highest mountain in North Africa. The mountain has an important function, as it separates the coastlines of the Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea. Numerous mountaineers and hikers visit the mountain, as the view from the top of the Toubkal is spectacular. At the same time, the mountain is important for the Moroccan economy, because various minerals are extracted here.

7. Mount Elgon – 4321 meters high


On the border between Kenya and Uganda, Mount Elgon towers over the landscape. The mountain is actually a dead volcano and the highest point is entirely in Uganda. In total, Mount Elgon has no fewer than five peaks, of which Wagagai is the highest at 4,321 meters. Scientists think the mountain is one of the oldest in Africa, which makes it an extra special natural phenomenon. The landscape on Mount Elgon is rich, because here you will not only find some beautiful river. There is also a large cave system underground.

6. Mount Karisimbi – 4,507 meters high

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In Rwanda, the top of Mount Karisimbi towers above the landscape. The mountain is a dormant volcano and lies against the border of Congo-Kinshasa. Loosely translated, Karisimbi means “little white shell”. The mountain got this name thanks to the white snow that always lies on top. There is a lot of rain on and around the mountain, so cattle are always grazing. It is possible to climb the top of Mount Karisimbi, but this tour takes at least two to three days.

5. Ethiopian Highlands – 4,550 meters high

etiopian highland

The name says it all: this mountain range is located in Ethiopia. It is a large collection of mountains that all connect with each other, with the highest point at more than 4.5 kilometers. Some scientists also refer to this mountain range as the African Alps, which has everything to do with the diverse landscape around the mountains. You will find countless bird species, large savannas, grasslands and dense forests.

4. Mount Meru – 4,565 meters high


In Tanzania you will find the impressively high Mount Meru. It is an active volcano that last erupted about a hundred years ago. The mountain is a literal highlight in Arusha National Park and is very fertile. The forests on the slopes of the mountain are loved by countless animals, including various bird species, monkeys and leopards. If you want to reach the top of Mount Meru, you have to hike for three to four days to enjoy the breathtaking view.

3. Mount Stanley – 5,109 meters high


Mount Stanley is a lot higher than the other mountains on this list and is the highest mountain in Congo-Kinshasa and Uganda. When you climb to the top of Mount Stanley, you encounter special nature. There are a few glaciers on the mountain, which is an exception in Africa. The mountain also consists of several peaks, the highest of which is more than five kilometers above sea level.

2. Mount Kenya – 5,199 meters high


It goes without saying that Mount Kenya is located in the African country of Kenya. It is the highest point in this country and the mountain is also known as Kirinyaga. When you are on the northern part of the mountain, you are walking exactly over the equator. The peaks of Mount Kenya are the remains of an ancient volcano that erupted millions of years ago. During your climb to the top you will encounter forests, lakes, rivers and glaciers.

1. Kilimanjaro – 5,895 meters high


The highest mountain in Africa is immediately the most famous mountain on the continent. Kilimanjaro is a high mountain peak in a region of the same name in the northeast of Tanzania. Adventurous mountaineers see it as the ultimate challenge to reach the top of this mountain. In total, more than 50,000 people try to climb Kilimanjaro every year. Actually, the mountain consists of three different volcanoes that were connected millions of years ago.

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