Top 10 Greatest T-ara Songs

T-ara is a South Korean girl group that first made an appearance in 2009. Originally with five members, it became six in 2009 and finally ended up with eight by 2012. They have a unique method of leadership within the group as they use a rotating system. With hits such as Bo Peep Bo Peep, after a break, they have recently released a new single called “No-9”. They are one of the most succesful girlbands in the world (ever!). These are T-ara top 10 greatest songs.

10. Cry Cry

9. Lies

8. We were in love (ft. Davichi)

7. Tiamo

6. Sexy Love

5. Lovey Dovey

4. Sugar Free

3. Day by Day

2. Roly – Poly

1. Number 9