Have you ever wanted to instantly know the definition of a word online? Or wish you could quickly remember your numerous, complicated passwords? Superpower your Chrome browser with some of these extensions and you’ll solve those common Internet annoyances in just a few clicks.

10. The Camelizer

Camelcamelcamel.com is an Amazon, BestBuy and NewEgg price tracking website which monitors millions of products. By simply creating a free account, you can have direct alerts sent to you for when your watched products have a price drop. The extension adds a little camel icon to chrome, allowing you to see a graph trend of the product’s historical pricing. Ideal to stop the occasional impulse purchase – or maybe encourage it.

9. Google Dictionary

Gone are the days of copy and pasting words into Google to find their meaning. With the Google Dictionary extension, you can simply double click a word to see a bubble pop-up with the definition, as well as a text-to-speech icon. A history of defined words are also stored so you can come back to them later. The extension is available in over 10 languages and offers a translate feature, too.

8. Save to Pocket

This extension is great if you find yourself constantly bookmarking pages or articles to read later. Save to Pocket automatically syncs to your phone, tablet or computer, allowing you to view it at a later date, even without an internet connection. The features also work throughout a variety of apps, including Twitter, Pulse and Flipboard.

7. Imagus

This helpful tiny extension allows you to blow-up an image by simply hovering over it with your cursor. If the image is too large, it scales for your screen. No longer will thumbnails be too small to make out, and gone are the days of opening 50 tabs just to see a gallery.

6. uBlock Origin

There are many extensions that block pop-up ads, but uBlock Origin is one of the most efficient whilst still being easy on CPU and memory. An added feature even allows you to whitelist certain websites, or YouTube channels, meaning you’ll still see unobtrusive ads, allowing the creators to have an active revenue stream.

5. Spreed

We’ve all dreamt of being able to speed-read our way through a big stack of books, and with Spreed you can do just that. This friendly extension aims to double or even triple a user’s reading speed, allowing you to absorb knowledge at a much faster rate. Spreed uses visual techniques used by the world’s fastest speed readers to bring you up to speed.

4. Unspoiler

Living in the age of Netflix binge watching, it can be hard to avoid spoilers for our favourite shows. Using Unspoiler, you type in the TV show or movie you don’t want spoiled, and it blocks any headline, tweet or even Facebook posts with a spoiler label. Once you’re all caught up, it’s just as easy to whitelist your shows again.

3. Reddit Enhancement Suite

For those who visit the front page of the internet obsessively, there is no better way to enhance the user experience than with RES. Packed with features, this extension blends seamlessly with Reddit, providing more filtering and subscription options, a custom dashboard and even a ‘never ending Reddit’. It makes closing the tab that little bit harder.

2. StayFocusd

StayFocusd is great for procrastinators who inevitably end up distracted during the working day, possibly due to all the extensions they’ve installed. With this you can either block sites during a specific time frame or allow yourself to browse them for, say, 60 minutes. This help keeps productivity up, whilst providing a much needed break every now and then.

1. LastPass

For the security conscious, it can often be a pain to remember each unique complex password for all your log-ins. LastPass offers a solution to this by not only generating complicated passwords to keep accounts extra secure, but by auto-filling your details for you. All you’ll have to remember is your master password. You can even have the extension set to log-out each time chrome is closed, keeping your passwords that extra bit safe.

Menno, from the Netherlands, is an expert in unearthing fascinating facts and unraveling knowledge. At Top10HQ, he delves into the depths of various subjects, from science to history, bringing readers well-researched and intriguing insights.

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