Top 10 Funniest Family Guy Songs

Although it was the first show to be nominated for the Outstanding Comedy Series Emmy since The Flintstones, it has not always been smooth sailings for Family Guy. The series battled its way out of two cancellations – once after Season 2 and a short time later after Season 3. Fans flocked to reruns and helped the series return stronger than ever. However, it does have its detractors – most of the humour is based around bashing jokes into the ground so much that they shift from funny, to not funny, to funny again, ad nauseum. Sometimes bashed for its erratic humour and extremely loose plotting, Family Guy has nonetheless created a comedy empire for creator Seth MacFarlane as he delights in shocking his audience and pushing the boundaries on what is funny. These are the 10 funniest songs ever on Family guy.

10. Down Syndrome Girl

9. It’s a Wonderful Day For Pie

8. Road to Rhode Island

7. All I Really Want for Christmas

6. Butter On a Pop-Tart

5. Can’t Touch Me

4. A Bag of Weed Song

3. Shiboopi

2. Freakin’ FCC

1. The Bird Is the Word