People are real speed demons. For years we have been developing the fastest cars, planes and boats. Thanks to smart techniques we can sail over the water at top speed, perfect for an adrenaline rush. Are you curious about the fastest boats of the moment? You can read it in this top 10.

10. South Bay 925 CR – 183 kilometers per hour

The South Bay 925 CR is a pontoon boat, but not just any pontoon boat. It is the fastest of its kind! It can reach a top speed of 183 kilometers per hour and at the same time is relatively small. Not only its speed is impressive. This boat is equipped with four bluetooth speakers and beautiful LED lighting that provides the right atmosphere.

9. Fountain 47 Lightning – 201 kilometers per hour

This boat lives up to its name because it is lightning fast. The boat is large enough to carry four to six people and runs on two Mercury Racing 1075 engines. This allows it to easily reach a top speed of 201 kilometers per hour. The boat also comes standard with a GPS system from Garmin, gauges from Vessel View and a navigation board with LED lighting.

8. 50 ′ Marauder AMG GT S – 225 kilometers per hour

This boat originated from a collaboration between Cigarette Racing and Mercedes-AMG. The design of the boat is partly inspired by the Mercedes-AMG GT S from 2016. This car is known for its excellent performance at high speed and was thus the perfect basis for this boat that can reach a top speed of 225 kilometers per hour sail. Two Mercury Racing 1550 V8 engines provide this unprecedented speed.

7. Nor-Tech 5200 Roadster – 150 miles per hour

This boat is one of the most powerful boats in the world and also has an impressive speed of 241 kilometers per hour. The boat’s engines have a horsepower of 5,400 and the tank can hold up to 1,500 liters of fuel. The boat also has a luxurious look, with a plush sun lounge, a swim platform with ladder and luxurious seats.

6. Outerlimits SV-50 – 251 kilometers per hour

The Outerlimits SV-50 is one of the fastest and most powerful boats of this brand. The boat is designed for rough conditions, so get ready for a thrilling ride. The boat is equipped with a GPS chart plotter. The tank has a capacity of almost 950 liters and thanks to the two Mercury Racing 1550/1350 engines, the boat can reach a speed of no less than 251 kilometers per hour.

5. Skater 46 Pleasure – 281 kilometers per hour

This boat is also called the Rolls Royce of the power boats. It is equipped with two custom-made Teague engines with 1,500 horsepower. This combined power allows the boat to travel 281 kilometers per hour. The luxurious interior completes the experience, including air conditioning and a complete stereo system.

4. Mystic Powerboats C5000 Turbine – 402 kilometers per hour

One of the most impressive things about the Mystic Powerboats C5000 Turbine is its tank, which holds a whopping 2,271 liters. The boat is equipped with two engines that together ensure that it can travel more than 400 kilometers per hour. This brand is known as the top of the top, with excellent boats that always stand out thanks to their unprecedented speed.

3. Problem Child – 421 kilometers per hour

The engine of this boat has a horsepower of no less than 8,000. That explains why it is no problem to reach a top speed of 421 kilometers per hour. The boat was designed by Eddie Knox and Larry Bless. It is the fastest nitro racing boat in the world. When you see this boat in action, it looks like it is flying over the water.

2. Bluebird K7 – 444 kilometers per hour

The Bluebird K7 once held the record for the fastest speedboat in the world. The boat managed to reach no less than 444 kilometers per hour. It was designed by Donald Campbell who sadly died trying to reach a speed of 482 kilometers per hour by boat.

1. Spirit of Australia – 511 kilometers per hour

At the moment the Spirit of Australia is the fastest boat in the world. It was designed by Ken Warby, who assembled it in his backyard in Sydney. During a spectacular test drive, the boat managed to reach a speed of no less than 511 kilometers per hour. Today, no watercraft has broken this record. The boat is now on display at the Australian National Maritime Museum.

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