Hey, you gotta start somewhere.

10. Seann William Scott – Sunny Delight (1996)

Seann William Scott in TV Commercial For Sunny Delight (1996)

9. Donald Faison – Folgers (1989)

8. Aaron Paul – Corn Pops (1999)

1999 Corn Pops Commercial (Aaron Paul)

7.Rachael Leigh Cook – Brain on Drugs

The Original Rachael Leigh Cook Brain on Drugs

6. Mila Kunis – Telephone Tammy (1994)

Telephone Tammy (1994)

5. Alan Ruck and Jamie Gertz – D&D

TSR Dungeons and Dragons game TV commercial

4. Paul Rudd – SNES

Super Nintendo Commercial

3. Keanu Reeves – Corn Flakes

Keanu Reeves in Cornflakes Commercial

2.Seth Green – Nerf

1. Jack Black – Pitfall Atari 2600 (1982)

Pitfall Atari 2600 1982 Commercial "Meet Pitfall Harry"

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