Originally built to serve as warnings and navigation beacons for ships, lighthouses hold a special appeal to many due to their romantic architecture and often dramatic locations. Here are ten of the most famous:

10. Slettness Lighthouse (Norway)

Slettness Lighthouse
Karl Brodowsky/wikicommons

Finding fame as the northernmost lighthouse on the European mainland and one of the last lighthouses in Norway to be automated, this lighthouse sits approximately 3 km north of the village of Gamvik.

9. Jeddah Light (Saudi Arabia)

jeddah light

Standing at 436 feet on the north side of the Jeddah Seaport, this lighthouse claims to be “the worlds tallest light tower.”

8. Portland Head Light (USA)

Portland Head Light

The oldest lighthouse in Maine, also known as the Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse this lighthouse sits on the shore of Fort Williams Park.

7. Peggy’s Point Lighthouse (Canada)

Peggy’s Point Lighthouse (

Peggy’s Point Lighthouse marks the eastern entrance of St Margarets Bay, Nova Scotia. A popular tourist destination, Peggy’s Point is rumoured to be the most photographed lighthouse in Canada.

6. Kõpu Lighthouse (Estonia)

Kopu Lighthouse

Opened in 1531, Kõpu Lighthouse is famous for being the oldest working lighthouse in the Baltic region. Located on the island of Hiiumaa it is a popular tourist destination and has been in constant use since opening.

5. Cape Hatteras Lighthouse (USA)

Cape Hatteras

Located on the outskirts of Buxton, North Carolina, Cape Hatteras Lighthouse is the tallest in the USA, standing at 208 feet tall.

4. Tower of Hercules (Spain)

tower of Hercules

Originally known as the “Farum Brigantium”, The Tower of Hercules is an ancient Roman lighthouse dating from the 1st century AD that is still in use today. Famous as the worlds oldest working lighthouse, it is located approximately 2.4km from Coruna, Galicia, Spain.

3. Point Bonita Lighthouse (USA)

Point Bonita Lighthouse

Located at the entrance to the San Francisco Bay, Point Bonita Lighthouse has helped ships find their way through the treacherous Golden Gate straits since 1855. Known as the last manned lighthouse on the California coast, it is still active today under the operation of the U.S. Coastguard.

2. White Shoal Lighthouse (USA)

White Shoal Lighthouse

Located 32km west of the Mackinac Bridge in Lake Michigan, the White Shoal light is one of the first three “lightship stations” of the Great Lakes. Its construction was hailed at the time as a “major engineering feat” due to its isolation and distance from land.

1. Les Eclaireurs (Argentina)

Les Eclaireurs

Nicknamed the “End Of The World Lighthouse”, Les Eclaireaurs Lighthouse stands on the northernmost island of the Les Eclaireurs Islands, signifying the southern tip of Argentina, beyond which lies Antarctica.

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