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Christened Elizabeth Mitchell, Elizabeth Banks is an American actress, born in 1974 in Pittsfield Massachusetts. She has had many parts in both films and television, but her big break was as Betty Brant in the 2002 version of Spiderman. Memorable television appearances have been in Scrubs and the fabulous 30 Rock. Here are the top ten films that she has appeared in.

10. Zach And Miri Make A Porno

This is a comedy romance film that was released in 2008 and produced by Kevin Smith, who also wrote the story. Elizabeth Banks plays Miri, who along with her lifelong platonic friend Zack, think that the best way of resolving their financial difficulties, is to make a pornographic movie. The result is a first-class film that makes us laugh, as the couple begin to realise that there is a lot more to their relationship than they first thought.

9. Seabiscuit

Director Gary Ross was responsible for this historical sports drama of 2003. Banks plays a support role as Marcella Howard to Jeff Bridges, in a true story about the small racehorse who won the heart of the nation with his stirring victories against the odds.

8. Definitely, Maybe

In this 2008 romantic comedy, Elizabeth Banks plays Emily, which is a comparatively minor role, in a film that relates the terrific story of a divorced father’s attempt to tell his daughter, the PG version of how he met her mother.

7. Role Models

‘Role models’ is a comedy released in the US in 2008. Banks is one of a host of stars in a story that deals with two men, Danny, and Wheeler, who are unlikely role models for a couple of tearaways.

6. Man On A Ledge

Elizabeth Banks plays Lydia Mercer in this action, crime thriller from 2012. Directed by Asger Leth, the film spins the tale of a police psychologist’s attempt to talk down an ex-convict who is standing on a rooftop of a hotel in Manhattan and is threatening to jump. The film is not as simple as it first seems because, at the same time as the stand-off, a diamond robbery is taking place.

5. Wet Hot American Summer

The setting for this film is in Camp Firewood in 1981. The action takes place on the last day of camp, before the kids and the adults go back to the real world. Elizabeth Banks plays the sexy and delectable Lindsay in a 2002 romantic comedy.

4. The Next Three Days

Elizabeth Banks stars with Russell Crowe in The Next Three Days, which is a romantic crime drama released in the US in 2010. Lara Brennan (Banks), is taken into custody accused of murdering her boss. With all the evidence against her, she is put in prison, and the action begins when her husband tries to break her out.

3. People Like Us

Banks and Chris Pine take lead roles in a drama that was released in 2012. Frankie and Sam are caught up in a web of lies, and deceit after Sam discovers his dead father was not the man he looked up to.

2. Love & Mercy

Elizabeth Banks stars with Paul Dano and John Cusack in a musical biographical drama set in California in the 1960s. The film deals with the leader of the Beach Boys, Brian Wilson, and the emergence of his psychosis as he tries to produce his pop masterpiece.

1. The 40 Year Old Virgin

The 40 Year Old Virgin is a comedy romance that tells the story of Andy, who has reached the age of 40 without ever having had sex. He reveals his secret during a game of poker with his work colleagues. The result of his admission sets up an excellent comedy situation, as his friends try to help him find a woman. In this film Banks plays Beth, who is a sexy girl Andy meets in a bookstore.

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