Top 10 Ed Sheeran Songs You Should Listen Now

Ed Sheeran is a singer and songwriter from Britain who has been quickly amassing a legion of fans with his warm voice and versatile style. His songs run the gamut from full-blown romantic ballads to energetic pop anthems that make everyone tap their feet.

10 – You Need Me, I Don’t Need You

Fast and fun song with really deep and well-written lyrics that serves as great introduction to Sheeran’s universe.

9 – Don’t

An attractive beat coupled with his unique singing style make this song a personal favorite of many of Ed’s fans and followers.

8 – Drunk

An interesting foray into rap singing, this highly relatable song is known to stick to the head of anyone listening to its lively melody.

7 – Kiss Me

This is a track known to melt many hearts, courtesy of Sheeran’s trademark whispery singing style which makes for a really affectionate song.

6 – I see Fire

An intensive buildup coupled with passionate singing; many people will recognize this song from the closing credits in the second “The Hobbit” movie.

5 – Lego House

This was one Ed Sheeran original hit songs, featuring a lovely flow and creative lyrics that immediately captured the imagination of millions of listeners.

4 – Photograph

This touching song features some really powerful lyrics which are guaranteed to touch the heart of anyone who’s ever been in love.

3 – Thinking Out Loud

Universally acclaimed as one of the most powerful romantic songs of our time; when you go to a wedding, you’re bound to listen to this tune.

2 – The A Team

A cascade of melodic and emotional outbursts coupled with great guitar playing make this song a highly acclaimed fan favorite.

1 – Give me Love

We decided to put this song up in the throne because it’s all around catchy and conveys a heartwarming display of what makes Ed Sheeran so unique.