Top 10 Disturbing Sex Scenes in the Movies

Sex scenes aren’t always sexy. While most filmmakers use them as way to inject some intimacy between two characters or, let’s face it, to titillate the audience with some nudity, others take a very different approach to the act of lovemaking. Some of these disturbing sex scenes range from ‘weird’ to ‘completely messed up’ and they’re not easily forgotten or particularly enjoyable to watch. In fact, some of them have probably scarred audiences for life.

10. Repo Men (2010)

Repo Men paints a pretty depressing vision of a future where sick people buy artificial organs on credit from a corporation called ‘The Union’. Many debtors end up having their new organs repossessed (i.e. forcibly cut and removed out of their body) by surgical repo men when they can’t keep up with the extortionate payments. Jude Law plays Remy, a repo man on the run after he has to have a heart replacement. Teaming up with Beth, another debtor hiding from the Union, Remy attempts to wipe their debt by breaking into the Union headquarters. However, he discovers that the organs have to be manually scanned into the system so, in one of the movie’s most memorable scenes, Remy starts cutting open Beth to get to the many organs and joint replacements she’s bought from the Union. Although they don’t have sex, it’s purposefully shot in an intimate, erotic way as Remy pulls off Beth’s clothes and literally starts reaching inside of her body to reclaim her borrowed implants.

9. Last Tango in Paris (1972)

Pervy French director Bernardo Bertolucci is well-known for including some pretty explicit sexual content in his movies, but the infamous ‘butter’ scene in erotic drama Last Tango in Paris is still one of the most controversial sex acts in a movie. Basically, the scene shows Marlon Brando’s character use a knob of butter as lubricant for anal sex with his young French lover played by Maria Schneider. The whole thing is pretty gross, and it’s not helped by the lingering shots of Brando thrusting on top of the squirming, clearly uncomfortable Schneider. Both actors spoke out after the release of the movie and said that they felt manipulated by Bertolucci when filming the sex scenes, and it’s easy to see why.

8. Requiem for a Dream (2000)

Director Darren Aronofsky clearly wants to make the junkie lifestyle seem as unattractive as possible in Requiem for a Dream, but the cult filmmaker very nearly completely ruined girl-on-girl fantasies for most of his audience. In an effort to keep her drug habit going, Jennifer Connelly’s character Marion is forced to become a sex worker. At the peak of her desperate self-destructiveness, Marion performs with another girl in a seedy, dungeon-like sex club surrounded by hollering men. Using a double-ended dildo and going ‘ass to ass’, the sight of the two women grinding back to back with the dildo between them is about as degrading and unerotic as it gets.

7. Crash (1996)

Any movie which revolves around a group of people who have car crash fetishes is going to have at least a few disturbing sex scenes. Proving that he is truly the master of body horror, director David Cronenberg explores this weird kink with scenes of people getting frisky in wrecked vehicles. During the climax of the movie, a couple even deliberately gets into a serious collision and have bloody sex next to the flipped car. However, by far the most disturbing scene occurs when characters James and Gabrielle are making out in a car pack and James notices that Gabrielle has a large, fresh scar on the underside of her thigh. He licks it up and down before unbuckling his trousers and thrusting into it. They both moan in pleasure (and some pain) as he basically uses the wound as a makeshift vagina.

6. Bride of Chucky (1998)

Bride of Chucky was a very tongue-in-cheek entry into the Child’s Play series which pairs the psychopathic kid’s toy with another doll that’s come to life. Tiffany and Chucky are old lovers and they finally rekindle their old passion despite the fact that their souls are stuck inside rubber dolls. Exploring each other in an anatomically correct way, Tiffany and Chucky have some pretty classy sex in front of an open fire. Admittedly, aside from a gross shot of the two puppets frenching with very wet, real-looking tongues, the bulk of the action is shown as a silhouette as Chucky humps away on top of Tiffany. Still, that alone is an image that is hard to forget.

5. Boxing Helena (1993)

Plenty of movies have explicit or unconventional sexual themes without actually showing anything. Boxing Helena was savaged by critics when it was first released and not just because of its controversial subject matter. The movie follows a wealthy surgeon who is obsessed with Helena; a beautiful, seductive young woman he once had an affair with. When Helena is seriously injured in a hit-and-run accident, he amputates both of her legs and looks after her in his home. He then removes both of her arms in a desperate act to keep her completely dependent on him. Featuring some over the top acting and melodramatic scenes, Boxing Helena is a bit of an aimless mess, but the central concept is undeniably disturbing. There’s clearly a fetishist motivation to the surgeon’s actions and although he doesn’t do anything sexual with Helena (he does fantasise – but she is fully-limbed in these thoughts), it’s not for lack of trying.

4. Howard the Duck (1986)

Howard the Duck was one of the biggest commercial and critical flops of the 80s. Loosely based on Marvel’s comic series of the same name, this live-action adaptation is a weird, clunky mess of a movie which features a wisecracking alien duck who gets stranded on Earth. The animatronic Howard is flat-out creepy and this makes most of his horny, inappropriate behaviour so much worse. As a result, many scenes come across as much weirder than they were probably meant to be (the uneven tone and awful script doesn’t help matters either). However, whoever decided to feature a seduction scene between Howard and the very human Beverly shouldn’t be allowed near a film set again. Howard puts the moves on a scantily-clad Beverly (“Love’s strange, we can always give it a try”) and the two start messing around in bed. Thankfully, Beverly is just calling Howard’s bluff and takes it as far as possible before revealing she’s just kidding around. The scene still goes on for way too long and even the suggestion of some interspecies sex is just too much to think about.

3. Braindead (1992)

Peter Jackson’s cult comedy horror is about as over-the-top as it gets when it comes to gore and blood, but it manages to even outgross itself when two rotting zombies – a priest and a nurse – take an attraction to each other. Aside from some brief fondling followed by humping and a passionate kiss which takes a turn for the worst (the priest loses most of his face when the nurse bites down on it), Jackson spares us from showing the really grisly details. However, he still manages to give us plenty of food for thought when it comes to the idea of zombie sex.

2. Splice (2009)

Splice somehow manages to go for the hat trick when it comes to disturbing sex acts as it gets incest, bestiality and rape all in one scene. Genetic engineers Clive and Elsa go a bit too far in their research when Elsa volunteers her own DNA to create and raise a human-animal hybrid called Dren. Dren rapidly reaches maturity and, although she has a womanly body, she also has a tail, wings and bent, animal-like legs. Things get a little complicated when Elsa starts treating Dren like the daughter she never had and Clive has sex with her. This sex scene itself is pretty disturbing (especially when Dren’s tail starts whipping about and her wings sprout out of her back), but the movie takes an even weirder turn when Dren becomes a male, kills Clive and rapes Elsa, impregnating her with her own animal-hybrid kin.

1. A Serbian Film (2010)

A Serbian Film features many disturbing acts of violence and sex. Thankfully, some of the worst acts are only implied, but there is one very explicit scene where retired porn-star Miloš is being filmed having sex with a woman who is handcuffed face-down on the bed. Miloš, who has been drugged so he is in more of a willing, suggestive state, is handed a machete and starts hacking away at the woman’s neck, decapitating her. He still keeps thrusting away from behind as his victim’s head comes off and blood starts spurting everywhere. There are several other disturbing sex scenes in A Serbian Film, but they really have to be seen to be believed.