10. Barbie Steinsholt Thomas – Bodybuilder with no arms

Barbie Thomas, 43, a mother of two is an inspirational bodybuilder based in Phoenix, Arizona. Having lost both her arms when she was a child after an electrocution which resulted in the amputation of both upper limbs at the shoulders, she has been able to overcome her disability and use her legs to become a great bodybuilder. Every day, Barbie does cardio in the morning followed by weight lifting, track training, lunges and leg exercises and ends the routine with her competition routine. In recent years she has competed against able bodied competitors in bodybuilding, and even though she hasn’t won any title yet, she is far from giving up, according to her.

9. Amanda “tiny titan” Loy


Standing at 4ft tall, Amanda is the shortest female bodybuilder. Popularly known as Tiny-titan; a tag she uses on her social media profile, she won her first trophy at age 22, back in 2014. The contest held at the Natural Western USA Figure Competiton in Mesa, Arizona was her first, and her win was a shock to many of her competitors. Born with hypochondroplasia- a type of short limbed dwarfism, she is incredibly fit having devoted herself to fourteen hours a week of gym training and six meals every day and event organisers allow her to compete against bodybuilders of average size.

8. Nick Scott – Bodybuilder in a wheelchair

At the age of 16, Nick Scott had a place in football, but that changed when he was involved in a fatal car accident that left him paralysed waist down and confined to a wheelchair. His determination to overcome his disability has made him an excellent wheelchair bodybuilder having guest-posed and contested in over two hundred body building contests worldwide to become the first bodybuilder to hold two different professional bodybuilding cards from various bodybuilding organisations. In addition to his diet, he uses supplements to maximise his results.

7. Matt Kroczaleski aka Janae Marie – transsexual bodybuilder

Jane Marie formerly known as Matt Krozaleski, always knew she was a girl on the inside but she craved the escape that weight lifting and bodybuilding competition provided her. As a transgender woman, she considered suicide once, but this later changed when she transformed her basement into a gym. Matt began contesting after joining the United States Marines. As a professional power lifter, she once set the male world record in the 220lb powerlifter total in Lowa.

6. Mark Smith – Bodybuilder with one leg

Mark Smith, an Afghan veteran and an extreme fitness trainer lost his leg in a shooting incident in Afghanistan during a live-firing exercise. After his amputation above the knee, he was fit with an Oscar Pistorius running blade. Having lost a lot of weight during his prolonged stay in the hospital, Smith chose competitive bodybuilding to restore his weight. After continued bouts of training, he started contesting and winning awards. His training begins at 5 AM in the morning and continues for sixteen weeks before an event.

5. Hasan Banks – Bodybuilder with a degenerative disease

Hasan Banks was leading a normal life as an amateur contestant in men’s physique until 2009 when he developed Spino Cerebellar Ataxia, a rare degenerative neurological disease that affects motor skills. In 2011, he started competing in events such as Arnold’s amateur event held in 2015. Despite his disability, the bodybuilder aspires to obtain an IFFBB pro card which given his extreme training of six days per week using a smith machine, is very much possible. His work out buddy assists him during his training.

4. Ray Moon – Oldest male bodybuilder


Meet Ray moon who at 87, is the world’s oldest male bodybuilder. Having won a battle against bladder cancer, Moon enrolled at Preston’s Athletic Health club where he embarked on a supervised resistance training, weights and cardio exercises.Moon has won several awards which are not limited to Victorian, Australian titles, as well as the Guinness World Record, won in 2009.Moon is a big inspiration to upcoming bodybuilders and people having health and fitness problems.

3. Edith Wilma Connor – Oldest female bodybuilder

If you haven’t heard of Edith Wilma, then you are in for a treat. At 82, she is the world’s oldest female bodybuilder and holds a title by Guinness World Records to show for this. In the company of her grand-daughter, she enjoys doing step aerobics otherwise she is busy lifting weights looking forward to her next competition. She trains three times a week and follows learned nutritional guidelines. As a certified personal trainer, she spends part of her time training other bodybuilders too.

2. Aditya Dev – Smallest bodybuilder


Standing at 2ft tall and weighing a mere ten kgs, Dev was declared world’s smallest bodybuilder in 2008. Despite his size, the competitive Indian bodybuilder was able to lift dumbbells weighing 1.5 kgs. His trainer Ranjeet Pal assisted him through his training. However, Dev passed on in 2012 after a brain aneurysm.

1. Sasha Shpak – Weirdest bodybuilder

He is the world’s most bizarre bodybuilder. Born in Russia, the bodybuilder has scary body alterations going all the way from his tattoos to his weird hairdos. He was once held in police custody for possession of anabolic steroids at his gym. Sasha has more than 1 million followers on his Instagram.

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