Human beings will never run out of ideas when it comes to trying, dangerous and crazy trends. Some people will try crazy fashions, dangerous diets and others will even try crazy and dangerous body trends. Listed below are top 10 crazy and dangerous body trends.

10. iPhone Knees Challenge

The iPhone knees challenge is the latest and most ridiculous commonly practiced body trend on the internet right now. This is a bizarre body -shaming trend whereby, women are covering their thighs using iPhone in order to prove that their legs are skinny.

9. Bellybutton Challenge

A new trend has surfaced the social media whereby, thousands of young people are lately posting their portraits trying to touch their belly buttons by moving their arm behind and around their back. The challenge is under the pretense that, it is a test of health and fitness and a successful attempt is praised while an unsuccessful attempt is met with inward shame. Crazy, right?

8. Reverse Prayer Challenge

A new and trendy body challenge relying on flexibility has emerged and it’s been practiced widely. The reverse prayer challenge has seen social media users post images of themselves with their hands clasped at their backs in a prayer position. This challenge is about how flexible the user’s body is.

7. Collarbone Challenge

Everyone is talking and taking the collarbone body challenge to determine how skinny and sexy they are. The collarbone body challenge is the newest craze in social media, whereby users are trying to balance coins above their collarbone without the whole stack toppling down. The more coins you can balance, the skinnier and sexier you are.

6. Alien Yoga

Not too new, alien yoga has been around for long and it was officially known as Nauli. It is trending on Instagram and it is referred to as alien yoga because of how the user’s stomach appears while taking the challenge. Alien yoga has been with us for over 500 years and it involves rolling the stomach muscles in a way that cleanses and strengthens the abdominal muscles. Alien yoga may appear difficult, but it’s a practice yoga enthusiasts say can be practiced by anyone at any age.

5. Ab Crack

The term ab crack has appeared all over the social media, with Instagram lovers posting images of their progress in trying to achieve the trendy body trend.Those on the other side of the social media where fewer images are used like twitter are wondering what this ab crack is. Ab crack is the middle abdominal line going down the abdomen of most models especially bikini models.

4. Bikini Bridge

The thigh gap and in less than a year we now have the bikini bridge. The bikini bridge started as an internet hoax, but it has come to pass. This is the term given to space you notice between your hip bone and bathing suit bottom when you lie down. It is good to have a fitness goal, but really, should something like this be the benchmark for beauty?

3. Thigh Gap

It is said that some men find it attractive for a woman to have a thigh gap. Probably this is the reason as to why most women are striving to find out how to get a thigh gap. A thigh gap is a space between the inner thighs of some people when they are standing straight with their knees touching. It is a modern craze that has been highly criticized as unachievable naturally.

2. Ribcage Bragging

The more rib cage you can be able to show the more you brag because you are perceived to be thinner. The rib cage bragging involves posing in a way to show more rib cage. This is a trend that has been adopted by celebrities and all of a sudden everyone is copying them.

1. A4 Challenge

The a4 challenge is a waist challenge whereby men and women are measuring their waist lines by holding an A4 piece of paper to show how tiny their waists are. The motive is to show that the user’s waist is smaller than the 8.3-inch paper width.

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