Top 10 biggest states in the USA

The United States of America is majorly a composition of 50 significant states in the world. Being a federal a federal republic, Washington, D.C., is a famous central district and the capital city of the U.S. Besides, the U.S. has a strong base in five prime territories as well as a wide range of islands. Below is a well-stipulated list of the top 10 states that make up the United States of America, starting with the least of them all;

10. Wyoming – 97,813 sq mi

It is the least populated state in the U.S. estimate; it consists of about 582,658 people. The state covers approximately 253,335 Square Kilometers. Wyoming is popularly known as the equality state.

9. Oregon – 98,378 sq mi

This is the Beaver state. Oregon covers 254,799 Square Kilometers which is equivalent to 98,378 miles.

8. Colorado – 104,093 sq mi

Among the most significant states, Colorado takes the 8th place. The state mostly lies in the Southern Rocky Mountains. It has its capital city located in Denver city. As such, this state takes up an area of 269, 601 kilometers. As such, this state is the perfect destination for mountaineering and rock climbing enthusiasts.

7. Nevada – 110,571 sq mi

Nevada, the Silver State, is one of the most famous states in the United States. Apart from being the 7th largest, it is also the homeland of the mighty Las Vegas. Approximately, Nevada lies on a 286, 380 Square Kilometers region.

6. Arizona – 113,990 sq mi

It is commonly referred to as the Copper state because it is the habitat to the known Grand Canyon. The state covers 295,234 kilometers and 113,990 miles. Its capital city is in Phoenix.

5. New Mexico – 121,590 sq mi

New Mexico ranks as the 5th largest state in the U.S. covering approximately 314,917 square kilometers. It is the enchantment land.

4. Montana – 147,039 sq mi

Commonly called the Treasure state, Montana comes fourth among the most prominent states. It covers 147, 039 miles which are the same as 380,831 Square Kilometers.

3. California – 163,696 sq mi

The Golden state covers approximately 423,967 kilometers. Sacramento is California’s capital city, with Los Angeles being its largest city.

2. Texas – 268,596 sq mi

Although Alaska lies as the second largest states in the U.S., it is not half the size of Alaska. It is the famous Lone Star state. The state covers 695, 662 Square Kilometers. The capital city of Texas in Austin. Besides, Houston emerges as the most significant city in Texas.

1. Alaska – 665,384 sq mi

Finally, there is no doubt that Alaska is extensively the largest state in the United States of America. Alaska happens to be the largest by its land and water surface area. Nonetheless, the state takes up 1,723,337 km2. The area is approximately 665,384 miles. Juneau is the capital city of this magnificent state. Additionally, Anchorage is the most significant city in Alaska.

From the above list, it is clear that some of the U.S states are quite large than even most countries in the world. American proves to be a fantastic destination with a variety of fascinating places. Each state has unique features to offer to its residents as well as visitors.