The world-famous Colombian singer Shakira is known for her unique voice, striking dance moves, and a mix of Latin American, rock, and pop sounds. Here are her top ten songs that have defined her career.

10. Can’t Remember to Forget You

This song, a collaboration with Rihanna, is a mix of reggae and rock. “Can’t Remember to Forget You” is known for its catchy melody and powerful vocal performances. The combination of Shakira and Rihanna creates a dynamic duo, blending their voices seamlessly to create an unforgettable hit.

9. Estoy Aquí

“Estoy Aquí” is one of Shakira’s early hits, showcasing her vocal strength and songwriting talent. This song marked her breakthrough in the Spanish-speaking market and laid the foundation for her future success. The powerful mix of pop and rock with Latin American influences shows Shakira’s versatility as an artist.

8. Loca

With “Loca,” Shakira brings a playful and energetic track. This danceable song, mixed with elements of merengue and pop, highlights her ability to merge different musical styles. Her lively performance and infectious rhythms make “Loca” an undeniable hit.

7. Underneath Your Clothes

In “Underneath Your Clothes,” Shakira shows a more intimate and vulnerable side. This beautiful ballad showcases her sensitive songwriting and emotional vocal performance. It’s a declaration of love that offers a deeper look into Shakira’s romantic side.

6. She Wolf

“She Wolf” reveals another side of Shakira with its disco influences and electronic sounds. The song, known for its iconic and sensual music video, reflects Shakira’s ability to experiment with different musical styles while maintaining her unique sound.

5. La Tortura

“La Tortura,” a duet with Alejandro Sanz, is a powerful song that embodies the essence of Latin American music. This track combines elements of reggaeton and traditional Spanish music, resulting in a passionate and captivating experience.

4. Waka Waka (This Time for Africa)

“Waka Waka,” the official song for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, is an uplifting and inspiring track that united people worldwide. With its powerful message and catchy melody, the song showcases Shakira’s ability to create music that transcends boundaries.

3. Hips Don’t Lie

“Hips Don’t Lie,” a collaboration with Wyclef Jean, is one of Shakira’s most iconic songs. It combines her Latin roots with modern pop and hip-hop elements. Known for its infectious rhythm and memorable dance, the song has taken the world by storm and is one of Shakira’s biggest hits.

2. Chantaje

In “Chantaje,” a collaboration with Spanish singer Maluma, Shakira shows her skill in blending modern pop with traditional Latin rhythms. This track is a mix of reggaeton and pop, resulting in a seductive and rhythmically powerful song that has achieved global success.

1. Whenever, Wherever

“Whenever, Wherever” is the song that put Shakira on the global map. With her signature blend of Latin rhythms and pop, combined with her unique voice and striking dance moves, this song embodies everything that has made Shakira a global star. The track is a celebration of cultural diversity and personal strength, and remains one of the most beloved songs in her repertoire.

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