The world of horse racing has produced some of the most impressive athletes over the years. These horses have made history with their incredible speed, endurance, and will to win. Here are the ten best and most famous racehorses that ever lived.

10. American Pharoah (2012 – present)

American Pharoah wrote his name in the history books by winning the Triple Crown in 2015. But that wasn’t his only achievement. He also became the first horse to win the Grand Slam of American horse racing. His performances on the track have given him legendary status among race fans worldwide.

9. Black Caviar (2006 – present)

The Australian racehorse Black Caviar has an impeccable record of 25 wins from 25 starts. She has outperformed her opponents time and time again, establishing her name as one of the greatest sprinters of all time.

8. Ruffian (1972 – 1975)

Ruffian was a phenomenon. As one of the best female racehorses ever, she dominated every race she participated in. However, her career was tragically short due to an accident, but her legacy lives on.

7. Kelso (1957 – 1983)

Kelso’s achievements on the racetrack are nothing short of impressive. With five consecutive titles of American Horse of the Year, he has made a lasting impact on the sport and is remembered as one of the greatest all-round racehorses.

6. Citation (1945 – 1970)

Citation was a powerhouse in the late ’40s. Not only did he win the Triple Crown in 1948, but he was also the first horse to earn over $1 million in his career. His achievements on the track have secured him a place in the annals of horse racing.

5. Frankel (2008 – present)

Frankel, an English thoroughbred, has an impeccable record with 14 wins from 14 starts. His speed and strength have made him a legend in modern horse racing.

4. Phar Lap (1926 – 1932)


Phar Lap is a name synonymous with excellence in Australian horse racing. He won numerous major races, including the Melbourne Cup, and is remembered to this day as one of the greatest racehorses Australia has ever produced.

3. Seabiscuit (1933 – 1947)

Seabiscuit’s story is one of hope and perseverance. Despite his small stature and unlikely odds, he defeated War Admiral in 1938 and became a symbol of hope during the Great Depression.

2. Man o’ War (1917 – 1947)
Man o’ War is a legend in American horse racing. With only one loss in his entire career, he has left a lasting impression and is often mentioned as one of the greatest racehorses in American history.

1. Secretariat (1970 – 1989)

Topping our list of best racehorses is Secretariat, often considered the greatest racehorse of all time. His victory in the Triple Crown in 1973, setting several track records, is legendary. His power, speed, and elegance have secured him an immortal place in the history of horse racing.

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