Watching late night infomercials and internally debating whether you should pick up the phone and buy something usually means that it’s time to get to bed. Most of the bizarre gadgets and appliances which claim to “really work!” are only good for novelty gifts for family members you don’t really like, but there are a few As Seen on TV gems which will surprise you with their usefulness.

10. Sticky Buddy

The Sticky Buddy earned Internet notoriety when its bizarre infomercial was dubbed over by a parody YouTube channel, but the product rightly deserves the boost in sales it surely received from its online mockery. A reusable lint roller which easily and quickly lifts off hair, fluff and other bits of material, the sticky gel does the job and can be reused over and over after a quick rinse.

9. Ab Wheels

Forget thigh masters, doorframe pull up bars and, god forbid, Shake Weights – the simplest looking fitness product (and, let’s face it, there’s a lot of them) is also the most effective. They may seem gimmicky, but ab wheels will give you a serious core and abdominal workout.

8. The Whoa Buddy

The Whoa Buddy is a specially designed bowl which stops over enthusiastic pooches from eating their food too quickly. The ridges inside the bowl make it so that dogs have to take their time eating their food, which means you don’t have to worry about cleaning up barf five minutes after they’ve finished.

7. Magic Eraser

Magic Erasers don’t contain any fancy chemicals and they’re certainly not magic (in fact the sponges are just made out of melamine foam), but they will effortless remove stubborn marks stains off practically any type of surface with just a bit of water.

6. Ove Glove

Ove Glove is a product which seems ridiculous but, as soon as you use it, you wonder why you’ve been putting up with standard mitten style oven gloves all these years. The heat resistant glove makes it so much easier lifting hot objects from hobs, stoves and grills without worrying about dropping it or accidentally burning your skin.

5. Magic Bullet

Although it unfortunately sounds like a sex toy, the Magic Bullet is an essential kitchen gadget which takes all of the fuss and mess out of blending, chopping, grinding and mixing. the compact appliance saves valuable cupboard and counter space compared to chunky food processors of the past and its specially designed blades make short work of whatever you throw at it.

4. Ped Egg

It is undeniably gross watching commercials of people running battery-powered graters across their feet as powdered dry skin piles up on the floor, but the Ped Egg really does do the job if you have dry and cracked feet. The polished rollers will smooth out even the grossest of feet just in time for sandal season.

3. Oxiclean

Infomercial legend Billy Mays described Oxiclean as the “miracle cleanser” which can make “whites whiter and brights brighter”. He wasn’t wrong – this brand of household cleaners really will get out any stain without damaging the original material. Oxiclean will remove pet messes, wine spills and even blood spatter – so it’s a must-have for those times when you wake up in a stupor and can’t remember what you got up to the night before.

2. Snuggie

The Snuggie phenomenon was an easy target for ridicule when the commercials first started airing in late 2008/early 2009. Let’s face it, they’re nothing more than a fleece bathrobe which you put on backwards and the cheesy infomercials featuring cult-like families kicking back in weird sleeved blankets certainly didn’t help matters. However, as soon as you slip one of the stupid things on you’ll curse yourself that you didn’t buy one sooner. Just don’t wear it outside of the house.

1. George Foreman Grill

This lean, mean, fat-reducing grilling machine has sold more than 100 million units worldwide since its introduction in 1994. Essentially an electrical panini press with a slanted design, the grill can cook both sides of whatever you put in there and any fat produced during cooking easily runs off to pool in the removable drip tray below. Endorsed by retired boxer George Foreman (who is thought to have netted $200+ million from its success), the grill was promoted as an easy and healthy way to cook meals and it’s still going 20 years later.

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