Many people have a calling in their life whether it is to be a doctor, a parent, a car washer or a fitness trainer. We all have something inside us which makes up great at what we do. The following list has been compiled of the most amazing and inspiring, dedicated animal whisperers from around the world. They are notorious for their skill and dedication as well as having mastered the art form of communicating with animals. Animal whisperers have taken the modern method to an extreme level and base their skill on something called inter-species communication which has been used for thousands of years.

10. Cristina Zenato – The Shark Whisperer

Cristina Zenato

Cristina has dedicated her life on conserving sharks, educating people on sharks and exploring their habitats and lifestyles. She is a professional in her area and continues to give courses and speeches on scuba diving, interacting with sharks and how we should communicate with them. Driven by her love of creatures – she comes alive when under the water.

9. Ned Bruha – The Skunk Whisperer

Ned Bruha

A strange profession if any – Ned has a pure love for wildlife. He is renowned for his work where he teaches humane wildlife control practices and has starred in some amazing TV series. Fame came about for him when he rescued a small set of raccoons in an apartment complex. The news went viral and so did he. With plenty of experience under his belt he now works all over the United States.

8. Spikehorn Meyers – The Bear Whisperer

Spikehorn Meyers

Spikehorn was famous in history for his amazing talent and skills he used on bears. He opened a bear and deer park in 1930 in Michigan and is now known around the world for his work. He was known to be eccentric and mad but lived a fulfilling life with his family of bears. Sadly in 1959 his bear dens burnt down which ended his career and then he moved to a retirement home where he died peacefully two years later

7. André Hartman – The Great White Shark Whisperer

André Hartman

Andre is currently based in South Africa and is globally recognized as the top Shark Whisperer in the world. He discovered by accident the worlds famous shark whisper which leaves sharks in a trance like state. Since then his career took off in leaps and bounds where he starred in many documentaries and TV series. His spectacular work pays off and he continues to this day to whisper to sharks.

6. Kees Scheepens – The Pig Whisperer

Kees Scheepens

Throughout Kees career he has dealt with over five million pigs. For over twenty-six years he has enjoyed a fulfilling career of traveling all over Europe to help pig owners. He has offered some life-changing advice to farmers around the continent and avidly continues to do his job with perfection.

5. Shaun Ellis – The Wolf Whisperer

Shaun Ellis

Shaun is an English animal researcher famous for living with wolves. His fame began when he adopted a pack of North American timber wolf pups. He is currently involved in many research projects and has wrote some well-researched and informative books. He is currently living with his wife at Newberry Farm where he continues his research with wolves.

4. Ken Globus – The Bird Whisperer

Ken Globus

Known all around globe Ken has been teaching and taming wild and difficult birds for over twenty-five years. He uses unique techniques which have helped thousands of bird owners around the world. Based in Los Angeles – he controls and calms even the most aggressive bird species around.

3. RC Bridges – The Buffalo Whisperer

RC Bridges

RC Bridges, nicknamed the Buffalo Whisperer is internationally famous for keeping a bison as a pet. He was featured on a TV series which shows the daily life of him and his wife living with the Buffalo. Throughout his life he has been working with cattle and buffalo until in 2005 he began to raise a two month old baby bison named ‘Bullet’.

2. Kevin Richardson – The Lion Whisperer

kevin richardson

Kevin was born in South Africa in 1974 and is currently working extensively with the native animals of Africa. He doesn’t abide by the rules and is known for following intuition. Alongside many documentaries he also has wrote a book. Currently he is caring for over fifty lions in a huge, private park.

1. Cesar Millan – The Dog Whisperer

Cesar Millan

Cesar Millan was born in 1969 and is of Mexican-American descent. Famous around the globe for his tactics with dogs he has had TV shows broadcasted in more than eighty countries. The notorious series ‘The Dog Whisperer’ was released in 2004 and continued up to 2012. After that he took his energy and opened up a dog psychology centre as well as a pet resort. Since he was a child he had a way with dogs being known as the dog boy and throughout his entire working life he has worked with nothing but dogs.

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