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Palace of the Parliament

Top 10 Largest Palaces in the World

Which are the world’s largest palaces? The answer is not straightforward as different people define palaces differently. Do you include the grounds? Does it have to have been used as…

yellow anaconda

Top 10 Largest Snakes in the World

With over 3,000 species spanning six continents, snakes are creatures often synonymous with terror. Whilst this unfounded in several cases, the great diversity of snakes goes hand-in-hand with a great…


Top 10 Shortest NBA Players Of All Time

The obvious advantage that height gives basketball players means that the NBA is nearly completely filled with extremely tall men. While 99% of American men are 6’4″ or shorter, the…

Junrey Balawing

Top 10 Shortest People That Ever Lived (Men & Women)

They may be small in stature, but many of the shortest people in the world have lived impressively big lives. From Hollywood stars and authors to social activists who campaign…


Top 10 Legendary Mythological Creatures

Stories and tales have always played an important part in the development and progress of different cultures and civilisations throughout history. Passing between generations, myths often held the answer to…

Palm Jumeirah

Top 10 Famous Artificial Islands

When you think of islands, you imagine remote paradisiac places, untouched by civilization, where you can bathe in clear turquoise waters and stroll on virgin sands while the cool sea…


Top 10 Most Famous Spies in History

Spies have had a huge impact on the way the world is today, whether their work resulted in good or bad outcomes, these people really did exist. It’s easy to…

Celestial eye goldfish

Top 10 Ugliest Animals In The World

We only looked at them just to compile this list. These animals do not inspire awe, in fact, they are downright repulsive to the sensibilities. Here are the top 10…

Lucy & Maria Aylmer

Top 10 Unique Twins That Look Nothing Alike

Twins are not that uncommon, in fact most people know at least one pair. However, there are some really unique cases out there as the following top 10 shows. view…

chelsea mar

Top 10 Sexy Instagram Models That Look Exactly Like A Celebrity

Since 2010, Instagram has swiftly become to perfect platform for women with modelling aspirations to launch their careers and if they can attract enough followers, posts can bring in some…

Ralph Samuelson

Top 10 Inventions You Won’t Believe Were Made By Children

There’s no age limit on invention, and here we reveal how commonplace items like the television, trampoline and even the snowmobile were invented by children. view full post »

Jasmine Tridevil

Top 10 People With Extra Body Parts

These days, most people seem to be obsessed with fitting into society and trying to look and act the same as everyone else. However, there are some people who are…

teens you wont

Top 10 of Teens You Won’t Believe Exist

All teenagers are a little strange… it’s just something everyone goes through in that stage of life. But some kids out there would actually be worthy the label “bizarre”. Some…


10 Men You Won’t Believe Actually Exist

According to the old English saying “There’s nowt as strange as folk”. From the sad to the strange to the downright weird, here are ten simply unbelievable examples. view full…

strongest dog wendy

Top 10 Weirdest Pets In The World

If you are thinking of getting a pet for yourself or the kids but find dogs to average and goldfish just plain boring, maybe you should look at this list…

kanya sesser

Top 10 Unique Models That Are Breaking Boundaries

These models are challenging society’s perceptions and transforming the face of fashion. With tremendous drive and optimism, each one is an inspiration to the world. view full post »

raised by animals

Top 10 Children Raised By Animals

The idea that children can be raised by animals and even take on some of their characteristics has fascinated people for thousands of years. From Tarzan to Mowgli, many stories…

kevin richardson

Top 10 Amazing Animal Whisperers

Many people have a calling in their life whether it is to be a doctor, a parent, a car washer or a fitness trainer. We all have something inside us…

internet challenge

Top 10 Dumbest and Most Dangerous Internet Challenges

Some people crave attention and are willing to do anything to get it – participating in ill-advised Internet ‘challenges’ is one of the most convenient ways to accomplish this. Here…

Chateau Chambord

Top 10 Most Beautiful Castles in the World

Whether you’re on a family day out, a romantic weekend away or an adventure with friends, you can’t beat a good castle. Here are ten of the best: view full…

death by coconut

10 Facts That Seem Exaggerated But Aren’t

Sometimes the truth seem stranger than fiction. Often we come across a fact we don’t believe only to Google it and find out it is true. We’ve done the hard…


Top 10 Biggest Fuck-Ups in History

We’ve all heard the saying ‘accidents happen’, but sometimes what seems like the smallest of mistakes can go down in history as the hugest of fuck-ups. view full post »


Top 10 Fun Hobbies for Under $50

Hobbies don’t always have to break the bank. Here are our favourites where the entry cost is less than $50. view full post »


Top 10 Underrated Websites You Should Visit!

When procrastination calls, it’s easy to get caught up refreshing the same few websites time and time again waiting for new content. Try out these underrated websites instead to break…


Top 10 True Facts that Sound Like Bullshit

From the depths of space to the smell of urine, these things sound completely preposterous – but they’re actually very true. view full post »